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    AMD Ryzen 3600
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    MSI MEG Ace x570
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    Corsair - Vengeance Pro 32gb 4x8 3200 mhz
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    EVGA - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB XC GAMING
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    ThermalTake Core P5 TG
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    ADATA - XPG SX8200 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280
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    Corsair - RMx (2018) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified
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    Acer - Z35 bmiphz 35.0" 2560x1080 200 Hz
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    Custom Loop
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    Logitech - G910 Orion Spark
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    Logitech - G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The thin part of any kinda charging port is gonna be the weak point of the design. Apple smartly put that on the cable which can be replaced cheaply. USB C puts that fragile part in the device, making the cable robust but making the weak point in the most expensive part of the system, dumb dumb move
  2. I agree. Ive had lightning cables break but never a lighting port on any device I have owned, and I have had a lot off apple. Almost every type c port on phones ive had has needed to be repaired within the first 6 months of ownership.
  3. I think thats his prototype hes been testing. They talked about on WAN show a little while ago about a new product coming that he was planning on spending a TON of money on promoting and we all were speculating that it was that screwdriver
  4. I would wait on it, I know people love the new and shiny, god knows I do, but until you see the real world numbers you shouldnt get married to that idea, hell you dont technically know if that PSU will be enough until you see the numbers (I cant imagine it wouldnt be but you see where Im coming from). At the end of the day waiting for reviews is always smarter, however as you said if you buy one and decide the card isnt for you then it should be easy to move unless its a total dud
  5. It stops more than you might think, did a good job for me and I live in a basement suite with dog
  6. Try flipping the top two fans to intake as well as the front two and just have the rear as exhaust maybe. In my experiences, which arent extensive, ive always gotten better temps that way. My current define R6 has 3 front 120LL and 3 top 140mm fans as intake and just a single 120mm LL fan as a rear exhaust and its very acceptable temps
  7. 2 years ago I built a pc using a define R6, then I left it for a thermal take p5 when I did a full open loop because that made it easier and I liked the look of the case, then I downsized and went back to air and used a Meshify C, now as I prepare to go back to a custom loop I found myself looking at all sorts of cases, even thought about the new Thermaltake P8 but ended up going back to my old friend Define R6 although this time I got the version with the type c USB on the front panel. This is still just a temp version with a Ryzen 3600 and a 2060 ko but in the new year when stock is easier t
  8. Right now you can buy a 3900x for roughly the same price as what the 5800x sells for when they are back in stock. Am I missing something or wouldnt the 3900x be the better deal for an everyday user?
  9. Ya with what your job is I understand wanting something like a 3900 then, that makes sense
  10. There are some great deals out there on 3900x right now, if you wanna get up and running right now I would probably go that route if you can. If you plan on selling it once the 5950x is avalible you could check the used market and see if someone upgrade to a 5000 and is selling a 3000 series cheap. Also I dont know what your daily work flow is but if its gonna be a temp processor you could always get something cheap like a 3600 for now knowing its only gonna be for a couple months, it will be far easier to sell when you are done with it compared to a higher priced chip
  11. Case is fine, and once again, no one knows what the new cards are actually gonna draw in the real world so anyone that says they know is just guessing. It also kinda depends on how much you are overclocking.
  12. Hard for any of us to say for sure until we actually see real world reviews on the new AMD cards, but im thinking hes right and you need a bigger PSU
  13. Kinda hard to know for sure if its gonna work well since you are asking about a gpu no one has put hands on yet. As for the mobo I believe all 5 series chipsets are going to support ryzen 5000 out of the box unless I missed something. IF I had to guess though I would say its possible your PSU might be underpowered and I would just look for a mobo with wifi built in as opposed to using a separate wifi card, is there not a board around the 210-220 mark that has wi-fi?
  14. My problem with the Dell sale was after REFUSING warranty several times THEY STILL GOT CHARGED for it. Like that borders on illegal I would thing. Customer refusing a service and you just charge them for it anyways? And in the follow up service call they wanted them to send the PC in to depot even though I believe that one of the things they were charged for was a onsite service warranty.
  15. I was gonna order one of the foil pin shirts but at the end of the day I couldnt do it. I live in Edmonton, so one province over from LTT, and one shirt shipped to my door was gonna be $56 CAD, I just cant bring myself to shell out that much for a single t-shirt. Im not blaming LTT or anything, just saying that there is no way I can justify that.