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  1. This may sound so stupid but is there any app/program to crack a Wi-Fi password. I have tried some apps from the PlayStore and one actually worked --removed--. The problem was that the app didnt recgnoize the Wi-Fi that I want the password of. I know that this question is stupid but hey, if you know any apps tell me.
  2. I will be buying a PC soon and i have 2 options: RX 550 4GB or nvidia 1030 2GB. (the pcs are the same price) The gpu will be paired with a i5 3gen. What pc should i buy?
  3. i think u guys mixed me up for the author of the post...
  4. i am 13 and this is very true. tho i harvest raspberrys in the summer so i have some money
  5. he probbably asking for some tips how to make his mom drop 2k so he can play
  6. listen to your mom. to make you feel better i am still rocking a dual core and some random ass amd card (check my bio)
  7. i have a pc from 2010 so it would kinda lag and probbably not good for quality,
  8. I have a CSS code for a animation and is there any software to record it to video? Here is the code if you guys need it or have some sort of software for this usecase: :root { --background: #005; --primary: #88D5BF; --secondary: #0000FF; --third: #FF0000; } * { box-sizing: border-box; } body { background: #000000; } .container { align-items: center; display: flex; height: 100vh; justify-content: center; } .shape { background: linear-gradient(45deg, var(--primary) 0%, var(--secondary) 100%); animation: morph 8s ease-in-out infinite; border-radius: 60% 4
  9. what are they selling? BEEEEANZ? DEEEAZ NUTS?
  10. Mario5


    english is not my main lang its Croatian
  11. Mario5


    got rekt, didnt know anything abt PEMDAS even tho i am in 8th grade. that is just how my teacher taught me.
  12. Mario5


    8÷2(2+2) 16 or 1? This is how i slove this beacuse my math teacher taught me that we get rid of brackest first. 8÷2(2+2)=8÷4+4=8÷8=1 or? 8÷2(2+2)=8÷2*4=4*4=16 I think the answer is 1 or my math teacher failed me? Can't wait for the responses.