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  1. Don't know? Not sure? Can't tell? Leave it be. That's my philosophy when it comes to stuff like this.
  2. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of people "selling" pictures of rtx cards. I'm trying to find a deal and the way I see it the only people who this will cause problems for are average people not scalpers/bots?
  3. Someone has probably already said this but it's not about more bandwidth. It's about allowing the pcie standard to use it all. Annnnnnd it's built into the cpu rather then some add on thing reducing latency.
  4. I want to build a second hand gaming server mainly for Minecraft (and some other minor stuff) I don't know much about server hardware so was thinking that an old Dell workstation might be a good idea as I can get a decent one for almost free. Thoughts ?
  5. I 100% get where you are coming from but I cant say its a whole grade or 2 below. (Depends on what you see as a grade) plus 3xxx is supposed to be a more efficient card. Would just love to hear some expert like linus talk about it.
  6. Would really love to hear more on how the new 3xxx series would effect gaming laptops. As a student thats the style of computing I go down and would love to hear some theories on how this is going to be shoe horned into a laptop. Am aware its maybe not a popular choice but in some use cases its the best route.
  7. I hate apple. I hate there OS. I hate there devices. I hate there Eco system. In regards to the epic case (and the semi flow plane case) they are in the right. They dont have a monopoly. No one "HAS" to subscribe to there eco system or purchase there devices or use there OS. A consumer can access there flow plane / epic on what ever device they see fit. A phone is just a small computer and people need to remember there is very little difference (the gap is forever decreasing) Make the best app you can following the guidelines or dont make it on the store at all. What ever happened to web
  8. Hi all ! I am looking to spend about £700 / $700 on 2 new monitors. I plan on using one to play my games on and one as just a secondary monitor. I would much rather have a better colour depth and screen resolution then super high refresh rate. 24" and they dont have to be the same model just same res anyone got any suggestions?
  9. Im using a one plus 7 pro and its great. I know you said you dont want any moving parts but they are bringing out a new one soon which I think is going back to the notch style.
  10. Have been using various iterations for the R.A.T from madcatz and have loved it however I think its time to change it up. I really like how comfortable it is to hold and am looking for something with the same high level of comfort (and wireless). Due to me buying the same mouse for about 6 years I am massively out of the loop any recommendations would be sweet THANK YOU!!!