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  1. The Oneplus 3 is a solid phone for that price, personally I think it will be better than the Honor 8
  2. Linus has a video on it, check it out.
  3. I currently have a out of the box keyboard with a 7 year old mouse, with broken headset. I am i desperate need of new peripherals.
  4. 750ti gang needs an upgrade please.
  5. I'm using a keyboard I got from my off the shelf computer, chiclet style.
  6. The CPU will turbo when it finds that it has the "headroom" to increase performance.
  7. Well from what I can see there are some, but aren't very common. You'd probably be better off just saving up and upgrading, and if you do want to overclock it, i'm not sure you can.
  8. No, the 2600's socket is 1155, 1150 is for the 4000 series CPU's
  9. The board you selected is not compatible with your CPU. You need to look at boards with socket 1155.
  10. What kind of Issues?, if its heat related, the stock coolers are all like that.
  11. Go to system by right clicking on the start menu icon, then scroll down and it should show your product key.