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    ASUS X470 Crosshair VII Hero
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    4x16gb Trident z Neo 3600CL16
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    EVGA RTX 2070Super Ultra FTW3
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    Phanteks P600s Black
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    Samsung 850 evo, 2TB Baracuda
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    EVGA 650 P2
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    32" 1440p curved 144hz Samsung
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    Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black
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    Logitech G810
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    Logitech G502
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    Klipsch 2.1, Philips SHP9500s
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  1. 0.0 My bad. I think I'm a little messed up from studying.
  2. You're right. So did this solve your issue?
  3. Can you run a quick test again and show the voltages?
  4. Yes. I've been reading around trying to figure this out. I haven't dealt with the intel 10series. I read through this thread. The problem for him ended up being @Mateyyy "there's something clearly very wrong here. Your board's pushing 1.5V into the CPU. Clear the CMOS and try running a stress test again. If nothing changes, update your BIOS." ElementHD "YOU HERO. Updated bios (which resulted in it turning off auto boot management ) But after sorting that out, she is much much cooler and only drawing
  5. Fractal Meshify 2 Compact comes to mind Not a ton of small cases for atx boards Phanteks Eclipse P360A Lian Li LANCOOL 215 Corsair 400D Airflow Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX Phanteks Eclipse P400A If you decide to look at other coolers. The Arctic Liquid Freezer ii line has a VRM fan and an thicker than average radiator. More mass for your $$. Go 280 or 360 if you decide to. Side note Not sure what it would be
  6. Did you set a cap to the fanspeed? Maybe 30% speed at 40c 50% at 60c 75% at 80c
  7. What do you need the cpu power for? What is your use case? Are these workloads similar to what you will be doing? Are you running an overclock? Is your motherboard bios running an auto overclock of some kind? If anything, it's going to help. The problem right now is getting more air in. Your case is restrictive and limiting what the AIO can work with. If you switch them around you are going to be giving the AIO direct access to fresh air. Non restrictive source = more air moving through the fins = cooler. The other components like the VRMs and GPU? The VRM'
  8. Next time please list your questions first, then the data. As far as your cpu temps you have to issues. That 240 radiator is less than ideal for that cpu. Would be better off with a 280 or 360. Second, you have a closed off front panel. So I’m not sure if the front tempered glass opens up or not. If so try it open. What you can do is either open the front. Switch the radiator fans from exhaust to intake. Or swap the cooler for a larger one. The noise readings don’t seem correct. Not sure how you are measuring that. The fans are probably ramping u
  9. Maybe. Not sure if someone who needs help installing software is going to pay to have someone tell them how on teamviewer. Thank you. This is what I was looking for. Do you do this on the side?
  10. I don't think there is a cap to how much ethereum can be mined. So it totally depends on when ethereum crashes or stops being profitable to mine. If governments start getting involved in controlling virtual currencies. If more silicon fabs like TSMC open or expand. Other than knowing those things, it's all a guess.
  11. I decided I want to start some side work Things like:Cleaning pc's, building pc's, replacing components, removing viruses, software installs, repasting gpu and cpiu's ect. I'm sure a good amount of you have done the same. How do you deal with issues such as You install a software, the customer blames you for a virus they they get down the line unrelated to your work. Basically their lack of understanding Or you install a new component and it fails later on. Are there certain services to avoid doing for reasons like that?
  12. When you learn something, the whole world doesn't also learn it at the same time.
  13. I would be more concerned about the damage to your eyes.
  14. Everything is a little slow right now. I’d just wait a week and check. Maybe you’ll be supersized with a package.
  15. What? i do clean my electronic. Compressed air isn’t the only way