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    Oh Canada!
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    Pretty much all things tech, Development, PC Building, Gaming, Aruduio, RPI, 3D Modeling & Printing, with the occasional building stuff with wood.
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    Was prescribed a Vic 20 as a kid by a legit doctor to improve my hand eye co-ordination, the rest is history.
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    Solving whatever tech issue my clients have.


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    X399 AORUS PRO
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    64 GB
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    RTX 2080 Super
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    Phanteks P600S
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    6TB NVME - 36 TB HDD
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    Corsair RM 850
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    Acer Predator 34in
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    Noctua Everything
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    Kinesis Gaming
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    Logitech MX Master 2S
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Lenovo X1 Carbon

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  1. Liquid metal then? We know it's good at shocking & shorting.
  2. There will be a comfortable temperature and relative quiet in my office tomorrow. I'm not even going to know what to do with myself. Some cards are set to run their last WUs. Thanks for the folds remaining 10 series cards.
  3. I was about to read this as... "My local Electricity provider took me out for dinner as I'm personally putting their kids through college"
  4. It's nuts how the little changes make a big difference it's why animated GIFs are removed from the dark mode extension, they can chew up 2-5% of GPU 3D overhead... hell so can you animated forum profile image @cbigfoot It's really a matter of getting the max out of your system is to not be on it, using it etc. headless is best. if you're folding on your daily driver you have to accept your OS is a 3D environment for most OS's these days, browsing, video etc. all messes with your GPU / PPD. Even a benchmarking tool can mess with it if it's showing overlays, live updates, etc.
  5. I'm pretty sure I joked a few weeks back I would get my 30 series card with only 2 days left in the event. Well... I should start making stock picks, cause yeah.
  6. You're right, had whiskey brain last night, mine was a https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/X570-UD-rev-10#kf which has a similar design pattern on the board, but is X570
  7. I had the same board, failed to boot loop without video. Took the CMOS battery and chipset fan as salvage.
  8. @Gorgon Don't take this the wrong way... but I love you man.
  9. For that to have happened F@H service would have had to ID it as running on that project ID. Perhaps the CPU projects also run on Potato IGPUs?