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Microsoft is Forcing me to Buy MacBooks - Windows Modern Standby


Hi guys,


A simple work around that I have been using to help with this issue...

  1. Download Microsoft PowerToys: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/

  2. Enable PowerToys run

  3. Use PowerToys run to sleep -> Press Alt+Space (default shortcut) -> type Sleep -> press enter.

    1. Once you do this once, Power Toys will remember the last thing you ran was "sleep" so, second time its just Alt+Space -> Enter.

Since I started using this method, I haven't had any sleep issues and tried it on a XPS, Asus & HP laptops. Laptop goes to sleep for days.


No idea why this works... but hopefully this might help some of you.

winsleep 1.png

winsleep 2.png

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