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    The computer inside
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  • CPU
    2X Intel Xeon X5690's (Each has 6 cores and 12 threads at 3.46GHz base and 3.73GHz boost. Also with 12MB smartcache)
  • Motherboard
    HP Z800
  • RAM
    12 16GB sticks totaling 192GB DDR3 1333MHz FB-DIMM at 6-channel (Advanced ECC)
  • GPU
    1 NVIDIA GTX 1080ti and 1 NVIDIA QUADRO FX5800
  • Case
  • Storage
    4X Crucial 512GB SSD's in Raid 1+0 & 4X SAS's 2TB Raid 1+0
  • PSU
    HP 1150 WATT Fully redundant PSU
  • Display(s)
    Varies all the time
  • Cooling
    Total of 20 24volt fans running at high speed
  • Keyboard
    IBM Model M (black edition)
  • Mouse
    Microsoft Wireless Intelli mouse 2.0
  • Sound
    Sound blaster audigy FX & Asus Xonar DG
  • Operating System
    Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/7/10

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  1. all the SSD's will max out your sata 2 controller so just go with any size ssd you want
  2. just go with the highest capacity SSD you can get
  3. yeah but i got my entire system with dual x5690's 36gb ram for only 300, then i got a gtx 1070 from a friend for 150.
  4. even if it supports 3GB/s sas thats way faster than sata, but im pretty sure it supports 6GB/s, TBH I was thinking of just getting a new computer, maybe a newer version of this same computer, like the Z820 or something.
  5. HP Z800 Workstation, and a Dell Poweredge R710 as my server that i also need more storage and speed on.
  6. LOL all of mine are filled DX, GPU, special sound card, capture device, and more more i dont think im allowed to say
  7. oh yeah price is a big one, but i already have a SAS based-workstation with sas drives, better than sata hdd's and almost as good as sata ssd's, but looking for something faster
  8. "Value SAS (vSAS) is a new category of SAS SSD media that is expected to replace SATA SSDs in server applications." Well that an interesting quote, so then the real battle is between NVME and SAS, NVME would be faster, but SAS has more logic, and has its own dedicated controller and cache that the cpu and RAM doesnt even have to deal with.
  9. So basically Sata revision 3 has a limit of 600MB/s and pretty much most SSD's can easily saturate that connection. The only way to even get close to that with just hard drives would be to RAID together a 4 15K RPM SAS drives in a RAID 0, (For fun obviously). But Recently, I found out 2 things, one, the latest version of SAS supports 24GB/s at FULL DUPLEX, which means u can read and write at 24GB/s at the same time across the interface, Sata is only Half Duplex, so only 600MB/s in one direction. And 2, SAS SSD's are a thing, tbh ive never heard of it until now, So disre
  10. you can put a pci-x card into a normal pci slot but it brings down the potential speed from 4.3GB/s down to 133MB/s probably lowers the quality
  11. So I was cleaning a server the other day: And I noticed the PCI-X slots on the board, i always thought this was interesting because back before PCI-E existed (this board was new enough to have both, but PCI-X came first) the server space had PCI-X if u didnt want the slow 133mb/s regular pci slots So PCI-X 2.0 has a WHOPPING 4.3GB/s and that was back in 1998!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI-X#:~:text=PCI%2DX%202.0%20offers%20(at,disadvantages%20compared%20to%20PCI%20Express. for comparison pci-e 1.1 had a max of 8GB/s in 2003 S
  12. the whole point of the software is the fact that it shows the performance across the disk platter, there isnt really anything else out there like this
  13. So i found out about this program called HDtune, and it scans across the surface of a disk and tells you the performance as the head goes from the inside to the outside of the disk i thought i should try that on a raid that i have 4 600GB 15K RPM SAS drives Raid 1+0 so the low access time is pretty explainable, but whats with the wonky graph? does the Raid controller make some disks go outside - in and inside -out for performance or something???