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About LloydLynx

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    Warriors Cats fan and extreme Linux nerd

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    US Central Time
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  • CPU
    i5 4590 3.3Ghz
  • Motherboard
    whatever's in an OptiPlex 9020 MT
  • RAM
    4x4=16GB dual channel at 1600mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte OC Radeon RX 560 4GB
  • Case
    Dell OptiPlex 9020 MT, cut up for better air flow
  • Storage
    240GB Inland Pro SATE SSD/2TB 7200rpm HDD
  • PSU
    stock OptiPlex 9020 MT unit
  • Display(s)
    HP 25es
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Rosewill RK-9000V2
  • Mouse
    Some cheap, but good, Logitech
  • Sound
    Ancient Creative Sound Blaster Live sound card/Onkyo TX-8220/Sony bookself speakers, and an 8" Sony sub
  • Operating System
    Arch Linux
  • Laptop
    Dell Latitude D620
  • Phone
    LG Tribute 2

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  1. The only time I ever pay digitally is for online purchases. I always prefer a physical store if possible, even if it costs more.
  2. @Leek Soup I think what Dr0idGh0sT maybe meant to say is an NVME SSD is preferable over a SATA SSD. If you expect modern performance out of a PC, you need to have some kind of SSD as a boot drive.
  3. That's why warranties exist, in case you get a defective product. So yes, if you don't wait too long to return a part, it'll be covered under warranty.
  4. You would probably also have to solder other components and chips to all those other empty spaces with the solder pads.
  5. This has probably been said a million times, but anyone else spend way more time tinkering with their PC/OS than actually gaming?

    1. lonelyuwu


      3 hours ago, LloydLynx said:

      This has probably been said a million times, but anyone else spend way more time tinkering with their PC/OS than actually gaming?

      yes... me

      i got a PC for gaming but i am just spending more time like... checking what's under my keycaps, starring at  my wifi adaptor's light etc and just doing stuff with my Win10 😅


      only opened Warzone and Black Ops Cold War 2-3 times and other games are like 5-8 

  6. I've had a whole summers worth of experience, that kind of thing usually doesn't happen. Plus I built up some really thick skin on my feet so minor sharp stuff doesn't bother me.
  7. Windows 11 will be the first major Windows released since I went full time Linux. And considering the insane hardware requirements(including in vbox), I don't think I'll even get a chance to play around with it.
  8. Your current build is pretty good. Unless you need more CPU power, just stick with your current PC.
  9. You need to unprivate your parts lists on pcpartpicker.
  10. That's right. The community has the freedom to develop a great driver because they have the necessary info and documentation to do so. With Nvidia, everyone just has to put up with whatever crap Nvidia releases as a driver, or put up with the reverse engineered and slow af nouveau driver. Apple is dropping all chip makers in favor of their own custom GPU and CPU silicon so they can have more vertical integration. But yes, they did previously drop Nvidia for being too proprietary.
  11. Manual installation of the driver isn't newb friendly, but pretty easy if you know what you're doing. The main issues are with operation, like Xorg config sometimes being a little weird, Wayland support is weird, TTY doesn't run at the proper resolution(at least last time I had to deal with Nvidia), OS updates can cause issues like breaking the driver or just making it slightly malfunction, screen tearing, etc... System76 sells many computers with Nvidia graphics so they have to build their software to work with it to an OEM standard of quality.
  12. PopOS. Here's something I wrote in another thread that explains why.
  13. Probably late 2000s early 2010s. My first laptop had some 1.83Ghz C2D with a gig of RAM and a 40GB hard drive. The next laptop I got had a 2Ghz 64bit C2D with 4GB of RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Then I was temporarily given this 2nd gen Pentium laptop with Windows 8, 4GB of RAM and I think a 640GB hybrid drive. I was actually able to launch games with it, even if I had to manually mod map files to get higher than 10 fps. I ended up having to give that laptop back. Years later my mom bought me my own laptop with a 2nd gen i3, 6GB of RAM, and Windows 7. I was super excited because I co
  14. Windows won't automatically start storing stuff on the other drive, you have to put stuff there yourself and setup programs to use the second drive for storage.