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how safe are cracked programs/games even when testing it with virustotal.com

As safe as driving without a seatbelt. You might have an impact and die, you might not.

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This forum's got strick rules against endorsing piracy. What answer did you think you'd get, lol. 

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Get a windows vm or a spare hdd with a windows install if you wanna test for yourself so you dont nuke your install, though this still doesnt guarantee safety since you may not be able to detect any data theft, botnet, or stuff like that in plain sight if its not the destructive kind of malware/trojan


otherwise have fun getting your data stolen or making your computer a part of a botnet 😉

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-= Topic Locked =-

This forum is unable to provide aid with software that is not legitimate.


The fact you need to ask this question is it's not safe. You play Russian roulette each time you download and use cracked software and your odds of getting something clean is very slim.


If you have already downloaded the software and you are having issues, we are unable to help resolve the problem other than recommend you wipe your drive and start over.



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    • Discussion of piracy in general is acceptable (e.g. "Game X becomes the most pirated game ever").
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