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  1. its a bit dusty but i dont have anything to clean it with
  2. yea im just scared since 80C seems like alot
  3. 30C-45C idle 60C-75C under load
  4. my cpu has been running hot lately 50C-60C idle and 70C-85C under load, are these normal temps when ambient temperature is 23C-28C? CPU ryzen 5 2600x Gpu gtx 1660 super
  5. its been hot the pest 3 days since there is heat wave so i dont think its the paste or it being not clean but thank you
  6. can anyone help me my cpu has been running very hot lately (46C idle 86C heavy load) should i stop using it as much or are the temps fine? cpu ryzen 5 2600x gpu gtx 1660 super ventus xs oc
  7. idle its 30c-40c 70c-80c when under heavy load
  8. can anyone help me? the temp of my pc has been going up for no reason its not dusty and the fans run fine does anyone know why this is happening? its not the summer either since its still cold weather gpu and cpu are gtx 1660 super ventus xs oc amd ryzen 5 2600x
  9. its 54gbs wich is the size of the game
  10. can anyone help me for some reason one of my steam games are shown as unistalled even though i can see it in my file explorer does anyone know how i can fix this? its installed on a ssd if it helps
  11. can anyone help me with steam? for some reason I can't sell items on the steam market place and when I refund something it says it will be delayed because I changed some security settings does anyone know how to fix this and whenever i want to sell something it says that it will be held back for 15 days and that i have to use the steam phone app fore 7 days even tho i already used it like 3 weeks ago
  12. can anyone help me for some reason my system keyboard language keeps changing and keeps switching y with z does anyone know how to fix?
  13. yes i did install drivers after i reinstalled windows and games are rust 40-80fps, gta 5 online 45-57fps, squad 50-75fps, doom eternal 45-70fps