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  1. its 54gbs wich is the size of the game
  2. can anyone help me for some reason one of my steam games are shown as unistalled even though i can see it in my file explorer does anyone know how i can fix this? its installed on a ssd if it helps
  3. can anyone help me with steam? for some reason I can't sell items on the steam market place and when I refund something it says it will be delayed because I changed some security settings does anyone know how to fix this and whenever i want to sell something it says that it will be held back for 15 days and that i have to use the steam phone app fore 7 days even tho i already used it like 3 weeks ago
  4. can anyone help me for some reason my system keyboard language keeps changing and keeps switching y with z does anyone know how to fix?
  5. yes i did install drivers after i reinstalled windows and games are rust 40-80fps, gta 5 online 45-57fps, squad 50-75fps, doom eternal 45-70fps
  6. can anyone help me for some reason my games are lagging i already checked for gpu cpu and windows driver updates i checked task manager if any programs are running in the background i checked my cpu gpu and memory with gpupi memtest and prime 95 also wiped my pc and reinstalled windows, my temps are 65C-76C already changed settings in games but the fps dont change when i lower them resolution is 1080p https://pcpartpicker.com/list/RRWHRT
  7. when i close everything it still lags
  8. k so i did all the stuff you told me and no errors do you know what else i can do to fix the fps issue?
  9. so what options should i use and should i close everything on my pc?
  10. k i did the thing with prime95 no errors but memtest86 still isnt working
  11. i followed like 3 tutorials but it always just brings me into the mobo bios
  12. for some reason i cant download prime 95 and memtest dosent work it wont boot into and i got no errors with gpupi
  13. should i stop playing games while im doing this?
  14. can anyone help me ive already made a few threads about this topic but for some reason my fps always go down again (gta 5 online 40-50fps on high/normal settings, rainbow six siege 112 fps on ultra, squad 40-60fps with stutters) i already checked for chipset driver updates gpu driver updates and windows updates but fps are still low i have xmp turned on to 2800 mhz on my ram (crashes games when i go higher) and i play the games at 1080p temps are 55C-75C on both cpu and gpu, for some reason when i play gta 5 online it says in the task manager and hwinfo64 that its only using 20%-50% when play