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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
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    MSI B550M Mortar
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    16GB Crucial Ballistix 3600MT/s CL15
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    Gigabyte RX5700XT Gaming 8GB
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    Pop!_OS 20.04 / Windows 10 Pro
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    rMBP 13" early 2015
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  1. Which is just the marketing side of it, yes. Afaik there is no software that REQUIRES AVX-512 as that'd exclude 99.9% of CPUs on the market. In other words, it very likely won't be the killer feature to switch for. Not until after the laptop is replaced 5 or so years down the road.
  2. If your current i7 PC has a Z87 or Z97 motherboard, overclocking the i7 will yield better performance than the Xeon could ever provide. That said, you could opt for a faster Xeon instead with more cores and that is hard to compensate for with just clock speed. The Xeon E5-1650v3 and E5-1650v4 are good candidates. Decent clock speed and 6 cores 12 threads. $150-200. If you intend for the i7 PC to become a NAS, you might as well sell the i7 and put an i3 in. Saves power and gives you extra budget for getting the faster Xeon.
  3. UEFI looks okay. Now we need to find the chipset this uses. Could you screenshot CPU-Z, the motherboard tab in particular?
  4. Could be incompatible with this particular board. Is it fully UEFI compatible? Current gen graphics cards don't always work with older boards from the BIOS/UEFI transition period (X58/X79/PBH6x/PBH7x). I know that those Chinese boards claim to have an X99 chipset, but often use an older chipset in reality.
  5. Channels are to separate Wi-Fi broadcasts so interference from other networks is reduced. This matters mostly for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi where lots of networks broadcast on the same channels. Picking the least congested channel will improve speed. For 5GHz, the range is usually too limited to really have any issues with interference and congestion.
  6. No need to read with all that freedom over there, I presume?
  7. The version upgrades are pretty much in-place reinstalls, so that some things revert to defaults when it comes to system services doesn't surprise me.
  8. Exactly. Thermal paste needs to be somewhere in between solid and liquid. It needs to be a bit goopy but not runny. The 6098P is only a dual core chip. Shouldn't be hard to cool. All types. Works for GPUs too.
  9. Yes, it's the 10700KF, it's in the name If you can find any Z490 or Z590 board at all for 150 AUD, get that one. Don't forget to buy a GPU as the 10700KF doesn't have onboard video.
  10. Valid points are made here. Your solution has a few drawbacks as well, so it all depends on what OP is really using the system for. The Xeon 2650v2 will scale better with its 8 cores and 16 threads. This is great for virtual machines as you can allocate a lot of resources without overcommitting. The RAM is also very cheap, cheaper than DDR4, and you get the benefit of registered ECC support. If the board can be had for cheap, it's going to take a good while before the power savings outweigh the upfront cost of going new.
  11. PCI 10GbE is not possible though. It's 133MB/s throughput max which can barely handle a 1GbE connection. IDE SSD's are more feasible because SSD's offer more than just throughput. Access times are the real speed up factor.
  12. Should be fine on 10 Pro usually. Make sure you install Pro or you’ll only have 1 CPU detected and usable. it should have most drivers built-in.
  13. If you buy a game on steam and still crack it, you really have 0 brain cells though, lmao.