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  1. Your board is probably dead. Which means it's economically totaled. Might want to get a new laptop instead and use real thermal paste and not use it if you don't have any
  2. Have you googled what that beep code means? What's the next step you think needs to be done according to that information? We'll gladly help once you've at least started your own investigation
  3. Keep in mind a port will only report as being open when there's actually something listening on that port for connections. If you enable remote desktop, that computer starts listening on port 3389 TCP. If you forward that port and check if it's open, it'll report as open. If you don't have anything listening on port 2456, but still forward that port, it will report as closed.
  4. For 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs (which the 2200G and 3200G are, they are GPU equipped Ryzen 3 1200's in the end) you can only use 300 and 400 chipsets as a rule of thumb. 500 series chipsets are for 3000 (3100,3300X,3500X and up), 4000 APUs and 5000 series only.
  5. But still. Do you know what the 140mm rad is actually rated for? If it's less than 200W, it's not sufficient.
  6. A single 140mm rad for both a CPU and GPU totalling over 200W is not exactly ideal. You'd want a 240mm rad at least for extra surface area.
  7. Going beyond 4GB is not very useful if you're aiming for a 32-bit operating system like XP or older, though. If that's what you're going for, stick to 4. The benefit of a 32-bit OS is backwards compatibility (to some degree) of 16-bit apps/games.
  8. You can't run Windows 7 on 10th gen. You'll get an ACPI error during install which cannot be bypassed. Also happens on Ryzen 3000 CPUs and 500 series boards. Let the dead remain dead and upgrade to 10. You can reuse your W7 key.
  9. As long as both channels are populated identically, yes. I.e. 2x2GB in each channel for a total of 8GB.
  10. A channel can contain more than one DIMM, That's why. Servers were quad channel for many many years, they didn't come with 4 slots though, many had 8-16. Triple channel capable servers often had 12 or even 24. HP had 18 slots in their servers, at least.
  11. I removed my ISP provided modem immediately. From the fiber converter straight into a Ubiquiti USG and from there through managed switches throughout the house. Works great A bridged connection would be ideal here. The modem will pass everything through to a router which controls all the various forwards and routing tasks. Some modems don't properly support bridge mode, though, which is a pain. You'll end up with double NAT. Even single NAT doesn't appear to work here, which is very very odd.
  12. With the server in DMZ and firewall turned off on the server (don't keep it that way, though!) it should work as you remove all software blocks along the way. If that still doesn't work I'd focus on the Asus wireless router. It should be in "access point mode", DHCP services need to be disabled and the cable from the modem needs to go into a LAN port, not the WAN. This will eliminate that device as a possible cause of interference.
  13. Did you make an account to necro a thread from a year ago? Congratulations
  14. Indeed quite old hardware. Are you going to host it at home or in a datacenter? Is your connection up to snuff?
  15. In the server world, €4000 isn't much if you're buying new. Even servers we sell to SMB customers cost over 5 grand all-in. That's single CPU 64-128GB RAM servers with a bunch of SSDs and a handful of SAS disks. RAID is not a backup. Take into consideration how fast you can get your system up and running again. If that's more than a few hours, it's cheaper to get a couple of USB HDDs to backup to. Yes, but RAID1 means half the write performance and it's not scalable. You can't expand a RAID1. A decent config would be something like this (see att.), but as you can s
  16. How many VMs? How many users? Budget? Back-up solution? While this is a decent base system, the storage solution is sub optimal. You want a RAID1 for the operating system drive, and for VMs, ideally, you'll want a RAID10 or similar config made up of SSDs. Harddisks are fine for bulk storage, archive data etc. Proxmox doens't like to be installed on a pre-defined RAID though. Get a server with an HBA instead of a RAID controller.
  17. Download DDU, boot into safe mode, remove all Nvidia drivers, then reboot. If your 1060 can now boot into Windows, reinstall the drivers. If it can still boot into Windows, great, you're done. If it stops working once you install the drivers, the card is done and needs to be repaired/replaced.
  18. In Windows 10, there's no way to remove Windows Defender. Only in Windows Server, you can actually remove it.
  19. The Wraith Stealth has no RGB or USB connectors. It only has a 4-pin PWM for a fan header. The only two coolers that have RGB are the Wraith Spire RGB (sold with the R7 1700) and Wraith Prism (sold with i.e. the 2700X). They have an RGB connector and a 4-pin PWM.
  20. wouldn't suggest going to Marktplaats for hardware. I generally buy from Tweakers.net. Much more reputable, less scammers. Take a look here: https://tweakers.net/servers/aanbod/
  21. Yep, get in touch with a decent IT company to take over this task. Preferably an MSP of some sort, as they typically have a good number of other customers, making them a more reliable partner with broader expertise. It'll cost them (your grandpa and uncle) to get their services taken care of, but the liability will be with the MSP and they won't have to worry about anything.
  22. Any board that'll support it should be okay, aside from the very cheapest. B360/B365 boards are as low as you should go.
  23. Hook up the monitor to the UPS as well. Modify a power strip to fit the UPS if it only has one outlet. Problem solved.
  24. For 150 you can get an R170 or DL380/ML356 G6/G7. A generation newer, quieter and more efficient. I ran a DL380G7 as a lab server for 2 years. Dual L5640s, 96GB DDR3. Cost me next to nothing. Idled around 100W.
  25. Hey, no worries, mate. Didn't mean anything by it But yeah, if an FX is acceptable as a NAS in terms of power consumption, then the Dell 2950 won't even put a dent in the power bill haha.