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Windows 10 Update 1809 Loading Loop & Screen Flicker on Welcome Screen


Hey everyone,


I waited until hearing the all clear on windows update 1809 after Microsoft screwed up with it at first...  Just updated and now I'm stuck with a flickering welcome screen that never finishes loading.  Build specs are below and there were no related problems before the update.  From what I've heard it's possible to revert back to the previous version.  Is there a way i can do this when my system won't even completely boot?  I created a restore point before installing update however windows recovery doesn't appear recognize anything.  I fear that a restore point may have only been made for a non-boot drive which would really suck.


A few things that might be conflicting with the startup:

-Had Penumbra 10 installed which might somehow be conflicting with the new dark theme?

-OldNewExplorer (requirement for use of penumbra 10)

-UltraUXThemePatcher (requirement for use of penumbra 10)

-An old version of rainmeter


Currently creating a windows recovery usb drive in hopes that it will fix something.


Any help is very much appreciated.


Edit: Was able to fix this problem by disconnecting all unnecessary usb devices and allowing it to complete the setup process in safe mode.

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