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    At my computer
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    Memes, Reading, Gaming, Computers, Being a stupid teenager, playing cello
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    cello, not as a job though


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    i5-6600k OC to 4.7GHz@1.325V
  • Motherboard
    ASUS z170-AR
  • RAM
    16GB Crucial DDR4@2400MHz
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 1070 Strix
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    Corsair SPEC-02
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    500GB 850 EVO SSD, 1TB WD Caviar Blue
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    EVGA 650W G2
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    22in 1080p IPS, Cheap monitor from Salvation Army
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    Hyper 212 EVO, 2x 140mm Red LED intake, 120mm Red LED output
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    Corsair STRAFE Brown Keyswitch Mechanical Keyboard
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    Corsair K65 PRO RGB Mouse
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    Logitech Surround Sound Settup
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    Win10, Linux VMs

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  1. Hello I built a pc yesterday with the following specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Macboi/saved/vGsFt6 It was working great until this morning when I decided I should update the bios. I loaded the new bios file on to a flash drive, restarted, and was faced with a completely non-responsive computer. Even the caps lock light does not work. When I turn it on all of the rgb componenets light up and the fans spin, then the cpu light, ram light, and vga light flash in that order with the vga light staying on. I have tried the following and s
  2. For Intel chips here are some general temperature margins to stay within: <70 is ideal 70-80 is just fine but a bit toasty 80-90 is where you should be a little nervous (but it will still be fine) 90-100 is where one might get worried >100 is where you end up with a stock cooler, aka where you should absolutely stop.
  3. Hey everyone, I waited until hearing the all clear on windows update 1809 after Microsoft screwed up with it at first... Just updated and now I'm stuck with a flickering welcome screen that never finishes loading. Build specs are below and there were no related problems before the update. From what I've heard it's possible to revert back to the previous version. Is there a way i can do this when my system won't even completely boot? I created a restore point before installing update however windows recovery doesn't appear recognize anything. I fear that a restore point may ha
  4. Hello people of the internet! I recently received a school Chromebook that has restrictions on it to the point of essentially making it a paperweight. Any website that may have any form of explicit content whatsoever is blocked, even the google play store haha. They filter and monitor all internet traffic on the Chromebook both at home and at school. Anyway I'm not here to complain... have been trying all afternoon to unenroll it from the school domain so that I'm able to use it as a normal Chromebook, but to no avail. Even went as far as to undo the back
  5. haha, i guess 1080/1080ti it is...
  6. What 2 games? Just curious, most people play more than that lol
  7. Hello people of the internet! The mention of SLI seems to be ever declining and with Nvidia not (easily) allowing SLI with a 1060 or lower, it has left me wondering if SLI is going to continue being less supported by both Nvidia and game developers. What do you think? Part of the reason I'm curious is because buying a 1080ti straight was far to much for my budget especially because I was doing upgrades during the start of the mining craze. I ended up getting a 1070 for ~$460 including tax which really wasn't a bad price imo. However, I would like to upgrade from running 108
  8. Hello people of the internet! I recently got into DOS gaming through messing around with DOSbox and I am in some need of assistance with running FreeDOS in a triple boot configuration. I have an old Acer laptop that has a Celeron M and 2 gigs of ram that is already dual booting windows 10 32bit (somehow it manages this) and Linux mint 32bit. I'm not sure how I can also install FreeDOS with this and have it appear in GRUB as a boot option and also not how to mess it up and not have the option to pick booting into win10/mint. GRUB really confuses me... I am happy to an
  9. Thank you very much for the help! Many steam games install other programs (Microsoft packages, battleye, directX stuff, etc.) when you install the game itself. Do you know if this will cause any issues being that I will only backup the steam games folder?
  10. I have had many computers where I've extracted the windows key as a precaution, wiped the HDD and reinstalled windows, and windows was already activated w/o having to enter the key... pretty sure it's linked into the bios. Interestingly enough I've even had this happen installing win10 on computers that were running win7 or even win8 after upgrade period. So yes, it is tied to your hardware, but you should extract the key as a precautionary before a complete reinstall just to be safe. Windows keys are weird...
  11. Odd... it would be a very neat thing to have especially with the large size USBs that we all are using these days.