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Win 10 safe mode booting issues, help


Hi , so im just going to get into it 

Yesterday i received my brand spanking new GPU and continued to install D.D.U ( Display Driver Uninstaller ). I went into settings - Update and recovery - recovery - advanced settings - change start up process. 

And instead of a  restart , instead of booting in safe mode, It just shuts down. Just to see and test out on how fucked up is my computer , i tried to enter in the BIOS. it restarted at least 21 times. One of my friends had the idea to brute force into safe mode by opening the system configuration and selecting to boot at safe mode..... aaaaaaaaand nothing but a dark screen , a computer that will turn on but no image via my HDMI port , HEck , i tried to switch into my CPU's graphics and n/a. Ones i have my PC running up again , going to buy driver talent pro and update all my driver, But as a last resort , im going to factory reset my windows to clear the gunk out.

I have a theory  where i fucked up : I haven't updated my bios micro/ driver code for 5 years cuz la kek me the N00b who doesn't know how to do such thing while at the same sentence calls himself a PC enthusiast, Now i found out that im a shallow one and i ask you , You beautiful human being to help me out of this 1st world problem. 


Thank you, LTT forums. 


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