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  1. I have to agree with you on this and I like the idea of having some space not just for upgrades but to have a peace of mind.
  2. I finally got my build set-up apart from the PSU! I decided that I will stick with a GTX 1660 super until stock comes back in and then I'll get the RTX 3070. On paper a 650W PSU should suffice according to a few articles I read but I'm not completely convinced mainly because of overclocking. I will be using a Ryzen 5 5600x along with the soon to be 3070.
  3. All i need is a graphics card to start up my new PC but I'm not sure what to do! I was thinking of buying a cheap preowned card to just do a job until the prices drop and I have more money but I'm not so sure now. Should I just keep using my laptop and wait for a better time to buy a graphics card I want?
  4. I believe it's because of the transparency of my avatar (that's what I thought)
  5. No not prebuilt. Regarding the PSU if I did return it for a MWE Gold, what would be noticeably different? It's actually not that much money in just getting the gold.
  6. Windows 10 Ryzen 5 5600x 32GB 3600mhz RTX 3070 500GB NVMe SSD
  7. Yesterday I got my PSU delivered and I realized I made a mistake! It is 80 Plus Standard 230V EU Certified PSU and in capital letters says MWE WHITE 750. I am not sure this will be any good for my PC build. I want to play games more often once I get my PC up and running and I'm not all sure this PSU will not be able to supply that for me. It's a Single +12V Rail but I think there's much better out there that will work better. I believe it will be good for my casual web browsing and youtube videos but for gaming? Not really. So should I return this or will it actually be good enough for
  8. Yeah I was going to go with the 3600mhz but I thought going with the 3200mhz to be on the safe side because the motherboard specs show that anything above 3200mhz is (OC) which i know is overclock obviously. There have been issues with this motherboard and the 3600mhz speed.
  9. Budget remaining: $1500 AUD Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Casual QHD gaming and web surfing including youtube. I already bought the following and it's too late to turn back unless I need to return any of them: MSI B550 TOMAHAWK MOTHERBOARD AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU Cooler Master MWE 80Plus 750W PSU Cooler Master MB520 RBG ATX Mid Tower CASING I now just need to buy a GPU and MEMORY. I'm conflicting between the RTX 3070 and the RTX 2080 super for the GPU. I really just need help with the
  10. Since I'm using Amazon to buy these parts I am thinking of this motherboard but it's not set in stone obviously! I don't really want to pay anymore than $300 AUD ($236 USD) for a motherboard but I can if seriously needed. I like using Amazon because I get free shipping (prime). Of course since I'm a novice I obviously need a motherboard that is compatible with this CPU ( I'm sure it is since it's AM4)
  11. Interesting but the only thing is it's next to impossible in actually finding that Video card available and the pricing is hugely inaccurately at this time. Thanks for the list though :3 helps a lot.
  12. Budget: $2100 AUD ($1625 USD) Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Web browsing, YouTube, casual 1440p gaming (I'm not a gamer but I like to experience good graphics in games when I play them.) Other details: I'm upgrading from an ASUS Laptop so this is my first experience building a PC. I already have a NVMe SSD in my Laptop which I will take out for my PC build. I also have a 75hz monitor which is good enough for what I do. I don't do any editing or anything too stressful. I'm planning to buy the below items in bulk b
  13. As right as you are, for this particular desktop build it has a Laptop motherboard and an AC charger plug for the power. It actually using Laptop memory It was cheap for a reason.
  14. My Laptop unexpectedly booted up with my SSD this time so I formatted the HDD so the windows installation won't interfere. So far everything is working . Although your method didn't work the idea of leaving my laptop back casing off while using the system came from that method.