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  • Birthday Nov 15, 1996

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    Finland, Helsinki
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    Audio guy ,I moderately like gaming ,I like to talk about pc here and there but wont go too deep into it nowadays. On the look out for some hobbies to try out.
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    A Doomer mind set with a Boomer body and a Doomer humour.
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    electronics assembler ( unemployed )


  • CPU
    Intel-i7 Cpu ( i think it was a 4770)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z97M-D3H LGA 115
  • RAM
    Mix of : Corsair and kingston hyperX ram .
  • GPU
    MSI Armor RX 580 8GB
  • Case
    bitfenix Comrade
  • Storage
    1 SSD and one SSHD from seagate.
  • PSU
    Corsair CM 650W
  • Display(s)
    Samsung CF591
  • Cooling
    Coolermaster 212 evo heatsing along with 2 Noctua Nf-P12 PWM on the heatsink and 1 noctua NF-S12A on the back of the case.
  • Keyboard
    Zowie Celeritas brown switches ( Nordic layout )
  • Mouse
    BenQ Zowie EC1-A With Steelseries DeX mousepad.
  • Sound
    Audio pro addon 5 speakers, FX- Audio DAC-X6 DAC/AMP, Mackie MC250 headphone and Blue microphones Snowball ice.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 version 1909.

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  1. I'm looking for the 1080p version, i don't need 1440p, And i cant seem to find the 1080p version of the G5... Link?!
  2. Alright, I'll cut to the chase, My flailing fat arms did a dummie thing and made my ikea metal headphone holder fly into my Samsung CF591 monitor and made this : ( picture below ) So now, I am forced to find a replacement, and i humbly request the aid of this forum, And speaking of the replacement, The replacement should have : -1920 x 1080p ( peasant resolution compared to nowadays, I know ) - Curved, Because ones you go curved you'll never be heard from again, So no flats. - Freesync because that's what I have. - budged max 350 euros. T
  3. I have googled my ass off just to find this IC, Designation 4580 3574U JRC. If anyone can be a gent and help this ole'chap out on this, it would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  4. what cable are you using as an input and output? meaning, Are you using both way male jacks from your speaker to your mobo's green port I/O ? It might be a faulty cable, Also, what speakers are you using?
  5. Information like, do you use any sound cards or DAC/AMPS ect, It might be a faulty cable or the jack isnt plugged in all the way in.
  6. More information please. And if i understood it correctly The speaker right side starts playing but the left side is silent and vise versa ?
  7. Is is possible for you to do a bit of digging into amazon's lossless streaming aka Amazon Music HD? Also, excellent write up and analysis GoldenOne. I am using Tidal currently, I chose tidal because i felt that it was better than my first streaming service that i got into, Google Play music. And i will admit, Like a sucker, I chose Tidal because it had the option of HIFI, But after switching it on and off and upgrades and downgrades, I didn't notice a huge difference, the only thing that i did notice is that HIIFI had a bit more of a '' expansive '' sound, It might ha
  8. any suggestion on a sub woofer to work with my Audio Pro Addon fives ? and do you think that if i use the Right and left channels on my DAC/AMP and hook them upto the Addon fives, will it work? and about the knob, i was asking this forum if i buy the knob and hook it up to the back port of the USB port of the addon fives, will that knob work??
  9. Also, if you want to make the mackies wireless, The MP-BTA BT adapter will just do that.
  10. sense you are within north america, check out Mackie's MP series or audio technica's E40 E50 series. https://www.audio-technica.com/cgi-bin/product_search/headphones/headphones_cat.pl?select_multiple_3=In-Ear&lang=eng https://mackie.com/products/mp-series-ear-monitors Would go for the mackies IMO.
  11. Remember this kids, The very same muscle tissue of your lips is the exact same tissue of your dark hole man cover. And for those who value there privacy too much, stick your head in and pucker up those lips and see the results you get.
  12. Im looking for a Sub-Woofer and i need your help, budget between 135 Euros to 160 euros max, any model suggestion is welcome. I have a pair of audio pro Addon fives, I'm going to hook my FX audio DAC/AMP DAC-X6's Right and Left channel to the Right and Left channel of the speakers or connect a optical cable between the speakers and the DAC, And connect the Sub-woofer to the Addons fives via the speakers sub out connection. I am very well aware that the Addon fives have a build in amp, But i'm going to use my DAC/AMP's interface to switch between from my headphones to the addon fives and
  13. Update : I have recently discovered that the FREKVENS line and the collaboration with Teenage Engineering and IKEA is a limited time only, Meaning ones the FREKVENS speakers are gone in IKEA, they are gone for good. What I also discovered is that Teenage Engineering has released some sort of guide for those people who have a 3D printer or to anyone who is close to a maker space, a series of mods for you to print. So for those who intend to buy the speaker and mod it, Knock yourself out! https://teenage.engineering/designs/frekvens-hacks