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Computer only boots when I move RAM sticks around


This is a puzzling issue. 


I have an old computer "carcass" of sorts that acts as a server computer for file backup and media. For months I've had an issue where whenever I would reboot or shutdown and later start the computer as normal from within the OS, turning it on would not even show any form of BIOS. No motherboard brand logo, nothing. Monitor doesn't even see a display. 


I have figured out after deciding to reseat the RAM that moving them to different slots will allow the computer to boot as normal, but then it falls into the same trap when I reboot. 


This is a really puzzling issue. For reference, these are the specs:

- 2 DDR3 8GB ram sticks 

- An old ZOTAC GPU, cannot find any specific name but it is no newer than a GT 700 series

- Intel i5-4690K

- ASROCK Z97 Pro4 motherboard 


If I could get some pointers that would be appreciated. 

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i would restart with replacing bios battery.. 

sounds like it's at that age anyway. 


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Remove both RAM Modules, blow out all slots with compressed air. Take a pencil eraser and rub it on the memory contacts to clean them. Wipe with dust free cloth.

Boot into Setup (Bios) set to Bios to Defaults. Usually press F5 in the Bios.


If this still fails, then as stated, Remove the CMOS battery. Then Clear the CMOS.



Replace the CMOS battery before restarting. 


This will reset the Bios to defaults, and you will need to Boot into Setup (Bios) and reset Time and any other settings you had.


Please click the "Thumbs Up" on any volunteer's post to thank them if they helped .(lower left, just to the right of My Computer )
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