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WD, HTC, and 900D Giveaway Winner List!!

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congrats bradscoolio - its good to see an Australian winning something


Thanks man! 

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Thanks guys, I had never won anything before I joined this forum and now i have a brand new phone :D


thanks htc aswell

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Well, its back to waiting for my phone contract to end, well done all the winners, I will win something eventually!

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well, better luck next time to me. congrats to all the winners!  :lol:

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Congrats to the winners, a new hard drive would have been nice, but alas I'll just have to buy some love those steam sales, my hard drives not so much.

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Congrats guys!! Good job on being lucky ;)

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HP Pavilion dv6 3132tx: Intel Core i7-720QM, 8GB 1600MHz CL10, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5650M, Samsung 850 Evo 250GB, Samsung 640GB 5400RPM HDD. Windows 10 Pro.

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why......why.......didn't i win and sorrow congratulation to the ..........

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Thanks guys! <3 I really did not expect that.


Congrats to everyone else!

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i7 5960X OC 4.40Ghz II GTX 1080 Asus Stryx II X99S Gaming 7 MSI II 16GB Vengence DDR4 II 250GB Samsung 850 II 3x 1 TB HDD WD II 

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Man I wish I won! Hope everyone who won enjoys the stuff they won!

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I can't believe I actually won something O_O huh....

To all other winners: Congrats! 

Intel 3570K - MSI GTX 660Ti 3GB OC Edition - 16GB Corsair LP RAM - ASRock Extreme4 Motherboard - Corsair HX850 - Adata Premier Pro SP900 120GB SSD with Windows 7 - Seagate Barracuda 1TD HDD - Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD - Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler - CM Storm Enforcer Case - Macbook Pro Early 2011 Laptop

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