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  1. I second what the two posts above me have said. I've never heard of applike, but assuming it is legit, it will take you months to years before you start seeing any significant return on your time investment. Honestly, I really think it'd be a waste of time (not to crush your dreams or sound negative). The time you would be spending on applike could be used to make even more money elsewhere.
  2. What it's worth would also depend on its physical condition.
  3. On the Techquickie side: On the JayzTwoCents side:
  4. The main thing to love about the Z2 is the 'Omni-Balance' design. As for dbrand, it's good that they produce one-off models like these to giveaway.
  5. I like how compact it is for its size, class and what it can do.
  6. The thing that really catches me about the G3 is the design (those bezels, man).
  7. It's not you. Gaming in general is getting worse. I don't even rush to play the latest games anymore. I'm just looking for those older games that I haven't played yet.
  8. 25,503. Should I put 'rd' or 'th' at the end of that figure?
  9. I vote for the black. It just looks more classy to me.
  10. I don't really use widgets that much. As for apps: Nova Launcher, Whatsapp, BBM, Astro/ES File Manager. I also keep a few handy tools like Automatic Call Recorder, Merriam Webster Dictionary, RealCalc and Unified Remote.