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  1. Bruh, that shit is old as fuck. You'd be lucky if the settings app even works on that phone
  2. Please give me my 30 seconds back.
  3. I have an air conditioner that turns on but then after a couple of minutes, it turns off and turns off the electricity of the room its in. This is the AC; I've tried running it with an extension cord to another outlet but after a couple of minutes, its gone, This AC worked for a couple of summers when we first moved in. My dad said that the fuse is done for and that's whats causing it. Anyone know whats wrong??
  4. Well, it's all about coding first, learn languages like Python first, an excellent way to learn would Khan Academy. Then I would progress towards C and C++, also, that circulatory stuff, I learnt some in the physics courses. But if you do Computer Engineering, you'll make whatever is in that video, times 10. Computer Engineering is computer science and electrical engineering, So you're learning the coding, and the electrical, so you can make some sick ass hacks.
  5. I already knew about this, I'm a fellow hacker as well.
  6. It's expensive as shit.
  7. Damn, a budget this high and you are getting AMD.........whack and you don't need 1000 watt power suppl. And the thermal compound comes pre applied on the h100i, so you dont buy extra
  8. running a business or starting your own isn't common sense, stay in school. Don't be stupid, value the education you can get. Graduate from high school, go to a university and get a degree in business or whatever you like. So many kids drop out become bums and what not, but you hear about 1 in 10000 that becomes successful, those who became successful were probably geniuses to begin with and were side tracked
  9. Canada!!!!!!111111!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!1!1111!1111!!11!1!!!!
  10. I'm going to school to be a computer scientist, get my 4 year degree in CompSci then masters. Maybe PhD if it's worth it. Then, long hours in the lab, no sleep, $$$, women, here i come!
  11. Not everyone goes to prison for killing
  12. Sparrow Falls - The Count Of Seasons (Aurix Remix)