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  1. So via trial and error it seems to be wired in sequence with the motor.. unfortunately the wires were all black too. Played a fun game of splice all the wires.
  2. Which side of the connection do you want me to strip back? Looks like 2+1 pin on the fancontroller side and 4 Pin on the fan side.
  3. Hey All, Not sure if this is the right location, got a number of ARGB fans with my AIO and I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to turn them off. I've replaced the fans on the aio but am still using the argb ones for extra airflow. They aren't addressable in anyway so far i've only managed to dim them by dropping the fan voltage in the bios. Wondering if i could cut a wire to do it but not sure.
  4. I pay for netflix , I pay for google music, I pay for crunchyroll, I pay for the wwe network (don't judge me, the korean countryside was pretty boring. I would have paid for vessel except this genuinely feels like a cheap shot to keep the platform from bleeding subscribers at the end of the trial year. I jumped on the vessel bandwagon pretty early because Linus has assured us multiple times the content would be available on both platforms. Vessel have made an arse of public relations for LMG time and time again now this time they link this new series to an existing channel that linus had setup
  5. Considering they are giving a pc and xbox copy bundled together with save sync this seems like an obvious business choice. I haven't followed the game at all so my only concern is what happens if I buy this game on console get my windows store copy and then trade it in?
  6. Anyone know why tapatalk won't load my notifications or messages? It just keeps refreshing but browsing threads work fine?
  7. I've never been so annoyed by an ltt video. After wasting money on refurb ups he goes and spends 17k on an enterprise grade one. All while having the cheek to ask for channel superfun donations. The chap really has lost the plot altogether with all this over spending. We have one fuck up due to a bad setup, throw extortionate amounts of money for a start up to fix it rather than just do it right the first time. He really should hire some professionals because he really doesn't have a clue at times.
  8. I think luke needs to calm down a bit though. The intro where he pretended to be pumped and hyped was cringe.
  9. Dell took over 3 months i think it was closed to 6 to send me an 800€ laptop. Wouldn't refund me because it was shipped. Despite not being dispatched.
  10. Malwarebytes and steam. Malwarebytes got into a huge argument with me when they told me I had purchased a fraudulent lifetime license from Amazon directly. (not a third party), a company as big as amazon and they refused to honour the key. So I just told them to fuck off and they won't receive any business from me in the future. Amazon told me they would give me my money back and I got a voucher too. Steam is valve need I say more.
  11. I think so? I think the general rule of thumb if it costs more to buy in your country of origin it's OK. If you used a vpn to buy something for a cheaper price eg Russia I think that is when they start getting pissy. I'm not really sure though
  12. Buying from grey market key sellers can be just as bad as piracy. There is great article from an indie dev about the grey market and how a lot of keys aren't from licensed sellers and he makes little to no money from them. So I wouldn't get high and mighty about using a key seller. In some cases they are worse as they are profiting from stolen goods. But if it makes you feel better about it go ahead. Even now I'm hesitant about sites like greenman as I wonder where they get keys so cheap. (don't get me wrong I use it but I'm often worried.) they have promised to be more transparent about
  13. This might be the strangest comment I've ever read. You realise in the court system a judge and jury can be lenient based on circumstances. You realise you have just compared piracy something that occurs for a variety of reasons to genocide, rape, child molestation. By being OK with piracy someone has to agree with these crimes? So explain to me how piracy results in a lost sale if a game/TV show etc isn't released in a region? I've a huge subscription for television services in Ireland and Netflix and i would pick up amazon prime if they would let me. But some content still isn
  14. I've seen all the memes and highlights I figured its about time I watched it.
  15. God damn it sounds like so much trouble. The tagging worked for me though