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  1. Hmmm well that sounds a bit better than what I thought it was going to be.
  2. I'd be more excited for Battlefront if it came with a single player campaign. Just sayin' .....
  3. No NHL 16 on last gen so if you want to play that you got to upgrade to Xbox One or PS4. You knew that was coming eventually.
  4. This is where you are wrong. I didn't say it 100% meant they were pushing developers to make game controls more difficult. I am saying if it was doing that I would be less and less interested in the Xbox One and other future consoles. As history shows game controllers have gotten more and more complex with each generation of systems.
  5. Trust me Bouzoo I have tried to wrap my head around complex controls and it hasn't worked. An example of this would be NHL 15 on XBox 360. My son can do every move in that game whereas I was happy when I learned one or two extra things. With that said if I see a console adopting more and more buttons on controllers and offering game developers the opportunity to have the player have even more things to do well that is not good for me.
  6. Bouzoo can you understand that others and I might not be able to play games on console if they continuously add more and more buttons? What may be fun to you and something you can do may not be what others want or can handle.
  7. All I know is I have been sleeping well lately and I am thankful for that but last night my brother who rents the upper part of the house was making so much noise that it woke me up at 3 am. I got mad and was yelling up there for them to turn things down. He didn't listen so I blasted a song at full volume on my pc and I think that sent a message. Worst thing though was I hit the wall a few times with my hand and the stupid drywall got damaged. Materials to fix it will cost me $25. FFS!
  8. I loved my short experience I had with Dark Souls II when renting it for console but with the back log of games I don't see me playing this til the year over 9000.
  9. VR just turning into a fad and everyone has to come out with some sort of VR. Seriously how many more companies are going to push this stuff out?
  10. Dumb comments? I spoke about my personal reason for not liking the new controller. Whether it is dumb or not I should be allowed to say it. You basically also just called me a troll when that is not what I was doing.
  11. Where does it say developers won't have this new controller make games more complicated? I don't see anything saying that. I am allowed to be concerned when controllers get more and more complex as looking at history gaming consoles controllers progressively have gotten more and more buttons and you don't think they are going to make use of more buttons eventually if the gamers want it? For me being a bad gamer that is a nightmare and thus yes for me I don't want to see a controller like this coming out.
  12. Kloaked if the games require more and more buttons to press there is less chance I can play the games. Simple as that. So yes more buttons on a controller does give me less reason to buy a new console if the game makers are going to make use of them all. Also in regards to controllers and mice I have had certain buttons get in the way for me and hit them by mistake when gaming and that of course ruins my gaming experience. Therefore when purchasing a console I really do have to look at what the controllers are like.
  13. So Intel is like every other stinking company out there OP. Big news. LOL!
  14. Well mods don't cost money on pc right now so I was going with the idea that it will be the same for console gamers. Until I am shown differently I think mods on consoles is good for console gamers. They get more content and other things and who doesn't want that?
  15. Until VR has me on a treadmill type device or whatever and allows me to safely jump, crouch and go prone I am not interested in anything offered that is related to VR.
  16. I guess some good news for console gamers here. Moving on ....
  17. It is always good to see more competition and YouTube's first attack on Twitch live streaming hopefully goes well.
  18. What is also cool is you can use features like screenshots and other stuff with the Xbox 360 games too on Xbox One so you are getting some new things to do with your games from the last generation console.
  19. What amazes me is how rude the guy is. If you think his response to what I said did anything good for this community you don't get what this guy does.
  20. I said I hated the button placement. Am I allowed that? You always go about attacking every post I make like I am not allowed to want what I want for me. Maybe instead of them placing 4 buttons underneath in a spot where I think one could easily slip and hit the things makes sense to some but not to you. Oh well so you don't share my views on the new controller but please allow people to post in peace here on these boards. Every post of yours in response to me is combative. Oh and for the record about mice I do complain about button size on mice and placement and still I have not found a p
  21. I still haven't cleared any of the older Doom games and I have many more games in my back log for life. It comes out in 2016 but I will likely be buying it in a Steam sale in 2018. Still though yes I can be excited for a new Doom game coming out. Definitely one of the all-time great series in gaming. Now as for what I saw in the videos I hope that isn't final AI as that was even too poor for a game being played on easy mode.
  22. I am extremely happy about backwards compatibility as I didn't want my Xbox 360 games to die and not be able to be played online anymore. Still they did say it was up to publishers so it worries me a little still that some key games I have will not be able to be played on Xbox One. I did hear the guy say that now Xbox One players can play with people playing on Xbox 360 so I guess the old console will still have a longer life than I thought. I was expecting it to be totally killed at E3 this year but I guess it will still have some life yet so no need to rush out and get an Xbox One. Still
  23. Grats on 6000 posts. Now give something away dammit!
  24. OMG not more buttons. Definitely more reason for me to never get a console again. .. and 4 bumper pads under the grips gives the user more ways to screw up and hit buttons they shouldn't. I hate that button placement.
  25. I buy this crap up when it is discounted by more than 80% and if I miss out on it so be it. Also a smart phone case? Eh I don't need one considering I don't use a smart phone. Also I still have the old Fallout games to get through. Back log for life. As for this being a hot deal eh not sure about that.