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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_version_history That's actually more accurate.
  2. The pre-1.0 version was called Cupcake, iirc. B didn't have a codename.
  3. For emphasis. The import fees deposit that Amazon.com charges includes both. Both duty and taxes.
  4. This would depend on the item in question. Amazon does have at least 2 warehouses that I'm aware of in Canada, and I've usually been able to find most of the common items on both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca (with reasonable price differences). There are plenty of items that are eligible for Prime and are fulfilled by Amazon (both effectively equal, the latter of which can sometimes be third party sellers).
  5. Yes and no. Electronics have no duty, but there is an import fee. Import fee is the summation of duty + local taxes. You still owe taxes on any item purchased, regardless of where it's purchased. If you were to drive down to the US (conversion rates make it not worthwhile anymore) and bring an electronic item through customs, if you declare it, you pay taxes. If you don't declare it, there's a chance you can get away with it (which is committing fraud), but if they send you for secondary inspection and discover the item, you'll get hit with a fine + the taxes.
  6. Obviously ... if you try to buy from a US website, you're importing that item into Canada from the US. This isn't anything new, Amazon.com does it for all items that are shipped from the US and are eligible to be shipped to Canada, the import fees deposit is to prevent getting hit by an even higher fee known as brokerage. https://www.amazon.ca/b/ref=s9_acsd_hfnv_hd_bw_bHp5rLv_ct_x_ct01_w?_encoding=UTF8&node=16329255011&pf_rd_m=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-4&pf_rd_r=3GQFM2FA0GSRQ7QS4ZDJ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=484c6c87-da01-5e6e-928a-a7f1e81fa7ed&a
  7. The smart thing to do is make a disc image out of the source first, then burn that 6 at a time. But seriously - distribute digitally or outsource. Not worth the effort.
  8. I don't think people understand the issue here. At a glance, the logos are very similar, if not nearly identical (with the colours reversed).
  9. I'd personally remove the GPU and HDDs (prone to vibrations) and pack those separately. Done multiple times shipping it across the country (took it as a checked luggage on the flight).
  10. The ideal setup would be a Linux host with Windows guest, with GPU-passthrough. GPU vritualization is usually terrible, and GPU-Passthrough allows the guest OS to take full advantage of the host's hardware. Easy enough to setup if you have a CPU that supports the right virtualization specifications.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're tunnel-visioned by their failed attempts and aren't seeing the bigger picture. Ubisoft made many good, even great, games which led to their popularity, which promptly led to shorter release cycles, which then led to reduced quality (though farm from "trash-tier") in some of their games. Realizing that, they ended their yearly release cycle on the Assassin's Creed series (which is arguably their longest and best selling series, with only Unity and Syndicate being subpar than the rest of the series). A company concerned only w
  12. I've usually had better luck opening larger files with Notepad++. The other option would be to split it into smaller chunks.
  13. Private companies tend to work as government contractors though. Private companies tend to be faster and more efficient (cost-efficient, usually) than solely government.
  14. That's unfortunately a manufacturer issue. Apple is only a tad better with supporting older phones (and even in cases where a significantly older phone gets an update, doesn't necessarily mean it's worth getting the update due to hardware limitations).
  15. Hate to break it to you, but that won't happen. For starters, the only planets potentially habitable are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto (well, technically a planet). The rest are gaseous planets. Of those, the first three take the shortest amount of time to get to (6-7 months tops for Mars). Before colonization can happen, we'd first need to figure out how to survive the harsh environments. Mars is doable, but radiation exposure is a huge problem, aside from climate and atmosphere, and ensuring we have the right environment to grow food. Pluto's issue: 1) it's too co