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  1. Damn my biology education paid off. nothing went over the head. never though biology and pc gaming can mash up but here it is
  2. First, im not european either. Second. Countless Footballers are big gamers these days. Neymar, griezmann, Aguero are all big names who regularly play and stream. From chelsea itself we have Mount. That said, a mason mount x LTT collab would be bigger than ALMOST any US sportsman
  3. Only if you count America as the world and nothing else. Americans really have a bad case of main character syndrome.
  4. The most american of american videos. first one i skipped in years
  5. Anyone figured out where they used the AI upscaling in the video?
  6. HW Monitor doesnt have graphs but i need one. Help
  7. Cant join anyone on halo because of this. PS: i have bitdefender and i followed this: https://old.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/jb7bu2/2020_okt_windows_10_and_bitdefender_firewall/ doesnt work please help
  8. malware. doesnt go away. poses like an extension
  9. Dunno how it was installed but i cant remove itr and the article from a google search is too convoluted and youtube isnt helping.
  10. Its just sad that you are simping and defending a tech youtuber this hard who got ousted for not having any knowledge. Also Haters? What are you? 12?
  11. exactly. i wonder if this might actually impact her popularity now that she's outed as a not so knowledgeable "tech" person