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  1. Ok i did the memory clock and voltage things and nothing. it stayed 2133. wonder if i should return the board
  2. Ok what should i do then? Manual clock timings like you said?
  3. Yes but DOCP doesnt show. Only XMP shows up. Can you please read about the daisy chain thing?
  4. Here's the thing. Apparantly this motherboard doesnt support XMP. https://old.reddit.com/r/IndianGaming/comments/k6htk1/urgent_help_needed_for_ram_frequency_issue/gekx4u6/?context=10000 So does it mean im stuck with 2133?
  5. Dude i am enabling XMP it just doesnt work
  6. I spent a lot on this not to get 3200mhz becuase of the motherboard. Is the motherboard at fault? How can i check?
  7. @Noah0302 I did everything. My BIOS is the one that came out 9 days ago. Service center says my Motherboard doesnt support it? WTF
  8. I'm making the 5600x system. I have tridentz neo 32 GB 16*2 3200 mhz. Mobo is b550m AORUS pro p. Everything runs fine but motherboard bios and task manager shows ram speed at 2133. But I enabled the xmp 3200 profile. Please help.
  9. That isnt our problem though. Yes most of us Indians havent even used a computer yet much less Gaming PCs. SO obviously its gonna be out of their range. But that doesnt mean racists should come and start with the "hurr durr indians bad poop street" bullshit like i have seen in some of the comments on Youtube and twitter. Its Dell's problem of not paying people anywhere because even in India they can pay more to get better support staff. The issue is Dell's alone, not the operators. Which is why i dont like Linus bashing Origin PC. They probably pay their staff well which translates to hi
  10. As if it wasnt bad enough. Read this bullshit. https://www.exchange4media.com/marketing-news/dell-is-indias-most-trusted-brand-tra-report-109386.html
  11. Oh so i just change the drive to boot from in the bios right?
  12. I really need a gen 4 nvme for my work. But the one im looking for is out of stock everywhere. So im going with a gen 3 kingston a200. If i make this my Boot drive now, can i move it to the second nvme slot when i get my gen4 drive and put it in slot one and still have the OS boot from the second slot? Like on the motherboard does the OS boot from the second NVME slot?