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    Electric Veggie 3.0
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    St. John's
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    Photography, bit of socializing, a drink?
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    Currently studying and love the holidays
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    Skylake Chip
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    GIgabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI
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    Crucial Ballistix 16GB
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    GTX 970 Strix
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    NZXT H440
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    2TB,1TB,0.5TB WD HDD and HyperX savage 120GB
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    Corsair CX600M
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    Dell U2412M,LG 24MP55HQ,Philips TV
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    Corsair H80
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G400s
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    Had a dedicated one - Dead now
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The coolermaster's equivalent offering won't be too bad either, plus a bit more space! Less premium, but sitll a good case
  2. Get the XPS, it'll likely not break and go with the configuration without the dedicated GPU, and a lower res oled screen. (If there is one) 144hz is cool and all, for content consumption it doesn't matter and wow factor will die off in the first month
  3. I once had a similar issue happen with my 970 paired with my Phenom 955 ages ago, it turned out to be driver (in my case) I would try rolling back, or updating if there is one. You'll have to trial and error it out, on my case I just stopped caring and at some point one of the updates fixed it and I completely forgot about it, until one fine day I realised it stopped crashing lol
  4. For how old that laptop is, it wouldn't hurt, just make sure to swap it with something decent and don't zap your laptop while you are in there. I bought a laptop from the marketplace from the 6th gen era, and that's the first thing I'll do to it, along with making sure all the up to date drivers and bios revisions are slapped on before installing all the software and transferring data.
  5. St. John's isn't that small thankfully, it's the perfect middle ground IMO, more than anything I am glad I got a chance to experience what a smaller town is like, don't ever see myself willingly choosing to live in the mainland, traffic is non existent too, so many perks I didn't even know could exist, boy did I not know what small town meant until I rode around to nearby towns, basically see that example of having one dated walmart just blew my mind, with that said, it was also a really nice cozy vibe, everything just felt simpler and quieted down. It's not for everyone, but boy am I glad to
  6. If you don't mind me asking, where on earth are you finding laptops for that price? I just bought an older Yoga 460 off ebay for basically that price
  7. Basically hit or miss, kinda excited to have a desktop again, it's interesting how quickly laptop hardware turns into performance of yesteryear so quickly
  8. Perhaps I could grab an older Ryzen 7 on sale, to make homage to my first computer with a phenom 955 xII (Can't believe I still remember the exact model) The CPU itself would be a decent chunk of saving, if I can get a good price on it
  9. The course I am taking at the moment, is starting to get into assembly, wish me well lol
  10. As the title suggest, what could I expect in terms of sales for cyber monday and black friday this year (And in general) I am still getting familiar with the major sale events and such in Canada, so I don't have back history of relative experience to think back at, to strategize my spending. I am looking to get back into having a desktop again, will flip my gaming laptop and get a relatively cheap business laptop off the marketplace, to be my workhorse for school. Along with the savings from that and some other savings, put them into an ITX build I always wanted to do,
  11. More than anything, what amused me back then, was the amount of neglect some computers went though, this was in a country that was literally a desert, so things needed to be cleaned 3x as often
  12. I worked at a place in the distant past, they used a leaf blower lol Edit Just wanted to add this in
  13. I did this for few years using a panasonic vacuum cleaner, with a similar setup, as long as you are careful about it and maintain the distance, it's all good
  14. The thing is, I haven't heard of the movie until I started reading around, did know the song, but that was about it. I thought about a simpler name now, and will go with that, while replying actually lol Thanks to both of you! It's just a funsie motovlogging channel, since there isn't one in newfoundland and there is so much to explore and if I am doing it, might as well record and document it too.