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** CLOSED ** HTC Forum Giveaway - A Chance to Win 1 of 4 HTC Phones!

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FIRST! ahahahahahahahahahah.


Yay though

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Wish Canada was included as part of the US prize pool since it's right there and not overseas. But still a great give away.



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Holly balls, this is awesome!

Cheers Linus and HTC :D


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I'm in :), Thanks HTC and Linus media group, for giving us a chance to win some very cool phones.

My Sig Rig: "X79 (3970X) -Midas"http://pcpartpicker.com/p/wsjGt6"  "Midas" Build Log - https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/59768-build-log-in-progress-code-name-midas/

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sweet a chance to get a new phone...love any phone that isnt iOS



gotta love free things atleast  we all are here for 1 reason = LINUS


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Here is my entry ticket to win one of four HTC phones. Thanks HTC!


Twitter share @Jerry1Gman

   Verifiable Link


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This is pretty awesome. Hope I win, every smart phone I've owned has been a HTC.


Good luck to everyone!

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