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    The Man Behind The Sleeving
  • Birthday Jul 18, 1982

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    I am the " Chief Administrative Officer " also known as a (CAO) for a boy scout uniform design and T-shirt Company . I also have my own custom sleeving business; Riptide Custom Sleeving. Computer's are my life, and I have many passions in the technical world, and one of them is sleeving. I love to mod and create new builds and by sleeving my own cables I am able to transform my builds even further. So because of that drive and passion I created my own custom sleeving business.
  • Occupation
    I am the CAO for a boy scout uniform and T-shirt Company.


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition
  • Motherboard
    ASUS X79-Deluxe ( Gold & Black Version )
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill 1333mhz (Timing 7-7-7-21-N1)
  • GPU
    ( 2 X EVGA FTW+ 970 )
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Primo ( Thinking of upgrading to the Caselabs MAGNUM STH10 ) Primo, is just not Primo enough.
  • Storage
    (1) 250GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD, (6) 2TB WD Black Drives
  • PSU
    SeaSonic X SS-1250XM2 1250w
  • Display(s)
    4 X 27"- 1 X Samsung S27B550V 27" 1080p LED Monitor, 3 X QNIX QX2710 Evolution II 27" 2560X 1440p Monitors
  • Cooling
    Corsair h100i ( still building up the custom cooling parts)
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K800
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
  • Sound
    Custom 7.2 Home Theater System
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. They shouldn't have complained and demanded a $15 minimum wage for flipping burgers. They all reap what they sow. If those same burger flippers would have sat down and did the math, the minimum wage should be around $10 an hour on average. That would have been something to fight for, but instead they got greedy and felt entitaled, so flappy the robotic burger flippers where born. You can bitch to the government all you want about minimum wage, but in the end the companies that are forced to change to their employees demands and entitlements , have the final say so and decision about their empl
  2. Which I agree with as seen in this tread, never thought one sentence would have so much control over the topic at hand, but censoring is just wrong, we don't want it, we complain about the internet being censored, so where are the pic forks here?! That in itself is just wrong.
  3. So if it fits your agenda it stays?! Nice censorship there buddy! I understand it's part of the rules not to bring politics into stuff on the forums, but when fact is fact, its just fact and nothing more. We dont want a censored internet, but lets have a censored fourm right? Makes alot of sense don't it? Facts are just facts, can't make it fit your agenda...tuff it's life!
  4. Isn't that what I just said?! Just like any other tech company, they all have a headquarters in America, hence the reason why American customers always benifit from the better deals. If every tech company had a headquarters in every country, every country would benifit from the same deals as americans do, but that's not how the world works.
  5. If you want American corporation benifits, move to America!!! Otherwise be happy that Samsung Gave Canadians anything, because the truth of the matter is most countries got nothing for their explosive phones. [...]
  6. Barrow fittings are Bitspower fittings without the Bitspower logo on them. Thats why they are so damn good.
  7. Have you ever watercooled ram before? Very little surface area is making contact with eachother. I've used all the way up to 4000mhz ram with ramblocks and trust me, they are for looks only. They do nothing better then if you didn't use them. I have personslly used ram blocks in all my builds but one and that's because the heatsinks matched my wife's build perfectly. I didn't want to ruin the theme we where going for.
  8. Just like ram watercooling is pointless, but people like me still add the water blocks to them for looks and easier tyins to the rest of the loop. If EK makes a waterblock for m.2, believe me I'll be one of the first to get it, just because it's another item to add to the loop.
  9. Don't get it wrong now, the deference is, thermaltake is flat out not original or enovative. EK, other than these m.2 heatsinks have always been enovative and original, hence the reason why I have a problem with its design in the first place.
  10. Which is very true, there is very little you can do to a little piece of aluminum, can't deny that lol. EK has always thought outside the box though and found great solutions for the designs of their products. I bet if they would have took more time, they could have came up with something better then aquacomputers design. I'd personally love to see a way for EK to fully watercool the m.2 slot. I know it's a small footprint but it can be done.
  11. It's not like EK to do something like that though. EK has always had their own unique clean design and appearance away from the rest, to all their products. Don't get me wrong, the m.2 is a clean design, but EK could have and should have came up with a much more clean and original design for it.
  12. Wow! That's so sad, they copied aquacomputers design for the m.2 to a tee. Even the same clip design is the exact same. I'm really disapointed in that. EK you are better than that! You have always stood out from the crowd, I guess this time was a straight up money grab for you guys ?