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  1. BF4 beta (now full game but I only played beta), and i'm sure the full game it made a difference between 8 and 7. 7 had lot's of reports of stutter and bad performance. While 8/8.1 had no stuttering and no big dips. 30+ all the time (if you have the gpu because of dx11.2 vs 11) Plus 8.1 loads faster, and is just better. Linus and Logan (teksyndicate) are my 2 main channels for tech, but my god are they so against 8.1 isn't sad. They are stuck in the past. It is better in every way. 8.1 is the best OS out there.
  2. Yes, but that's the thing, What game are they testing. That Tweet say's absolutely nothing at all. Some very very very generic information that means nothing
  3. Makes me believe less and less at this API when they can't release early numbers. I'm sure they are going to compare 290x and Titan (because of the price) and say hey look it beats titan by this much, when the 780ti could beat it. I'm not a fan boy (kinda) but I hate that a company can not release numbers for a product that is out in a couple of weeks.
  4. 8.1 is already released. Beta testing was earlier this year.
  5. I have 8.1, There is nothing to hate. You can not love the start menu that much. I never used it, no point. Hit the windows key, type something and the search menu pops up, and everything you want is there. Much faster.
  6. Omg!!! things that don't matter at all, but I'm still saying things! Isn't mantle great. This non CPU bound game isn't using a lot of CPU power! who would have though! Isn't mantle great! I need actual benchmarks and numbers not somone on twitter saying things. Mantle at this time doesn't matter. There are no numbers or anything. Considering some games on a i5 2500k use about 50% so half the clock speed, it is still gpu bound. This means NOTHING!.
  7. Like @EChondo said, just report, pointless post are against the CoC, I report every pointless post I see, and that is a lot. I hate a lot of the people have 1k+ posts but only post a meme, ^this, lol yea, or anything else like that. Makes me quite angry to see people with a lot of posts that don't actually ever say anything or the things that get's the most likes are the meme posts and nothing else. At least when I get 7+ likes on a post I am saying something and it makes sense, not a "it's happening" meme. God dam does that piss me off.
  8. Leaked Walmart black Friday deals, 360 was 99$ and ps3 was $150. That will be the lowest they will be for the next year. ps3 *might* reach $99 (september/nov next year) but 360 will not be less than $99.
  9. Does frostbite 3 not use more than 3 cores properly when they use DX11? That seems to be a limitation on the engine and not the API.
  10. I like this since it encourages more developers to do this for PC games as well since it is going to be on every console available, I'd assume XB1 also. While most people are probably only using stereo audio from the TV, it should make a slight difference non the less. And for people that have a 5.1/7.1 Hometheatre this is just going to much it sound so much better than what was on previous consoles. At least from what we have been told from reviewers who were at the event.
  11. I do actually, and it's called constructive criticism, I'm not coming out and yelling and swearing how they are messing up. I'm saying what I don't like and how they can improve.
  12. Haven't heard anything about how long he is working, but it really isn't an excuse to mess things up. Things should be double checked before uploaded than. It's one of those small errors that makes you think, if this small thing is wrong what else is wrong in the videos.
  13. Say I report you for saying hate speech and being a racist, Sony goes, well sorry we don't have any records of that so yea to bad sorry. They record as a way to back up reports not to keep on data centres and search through it and get information on you. Not even the NSA does that. They might have it but they only access it if they see a reason to.
  14. Do they monitor? YES, They need to. If you report someone how can they enforce it if they don't have proof. PS3 and 360 did this. Do you own the game? No, Every single game now you buy a license to use it and play that game. Every PC game through steam does this also. They can cancel it or ban you at any time. Will they? Not unless you hack and cheat, and than I say great, I don't want those people playing that game anyways. So many things are being blown out of proportion just to get a headline, it's sad really.
  15. Yea it's been in a lot of the past few benchmark videos, the wrong colour is a small thing. But the overlay right on top of his face so we can see the walls and his body are what really bugs me. I'd like either full screen of slick off to the right (stage left) and the video on the opposite side.