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    Motocross, Gaming, Demon Vanquisher, Builds computers for fun. Tinkers with technology, Electrical is the game. Champion of Internet Freedom
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    Intel Core i7 6850k
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    Asus Rampage V Edition 10
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    Creative Sound Blaster E5 USB DAC/Amp Combo, Boston Acoustics Home Theater Speakers
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  1. Not going to upgrade my main as I bought a 2080ti a few months ago, but planning on upgrading my server here shortly. Been buying 10tb drives when bestbuy has them on sale (wanting to get a total of 10 drives, currently have 3). Other than that I just want to get a new sound bar for the livingroom TV and I should be good this year.
  2. I actually have the ATN sight and its actually pretty good just the stock IR light really sucks and cant see anything past 50 yards so that's why I was looking for a new IR light. I know the 850nm is a better option but it does emit a small light which is what I have no but I was looking into the 940nm since you see no light on the visible spectrum and it would be better for me for hunting. Just wanted a recommendation for what to look at.
  3. Who here has a ATN X-Sight II Night vision optic?? was trying to look at a new IR illuminator for it because the stock one is trash and need something that has more distance than 50 yards. let me know if you want one of these sights and have a recommendation for a new one.
  4. I use to use an Athlon II x2 250 for my first plex server, could run 2 1080p stream from it just fine. Eventually moved to a Phenom II x6 1055t because I needed to run at least 4 streams and that worked out really well. My server I am running now is a Intel Xeon E5-2670 v3 and can run 15 streams with ease. Also plex is on a SSD for metadata and Using a RAMdisk for transcoding to help speed things up a lot faster. You should be fine with a Core 2 Quad with 1 or 2 1080p streams. Just need to set everything up to help increase speeds.
  5. only paid 10k for it which is still a lot but the car looks really good, has the normal wear on interior pieces but its not bad. Also, the car started as a rental car in 06 and was sold on the auction block with 1700 miles on it and some old guy had it ever since till I bought it. Car came from Texas and now I have it here in Ohio.
  6. Well, got myself a new fun car to drive, its a 06 Nissan 350z Grand Touring with 37k miles. This is my first manual car and its fun as hell. Going to start doing autocross next year so going to build the car over the winter. Trying to put together a parts list now so i can start ordering parts.
  7. Well guys, just picked up a 1898 US Springfield .30-40 Krag. Needs a little work with the stock but it is a good shooter none the less.
  8. I will be fine tuning my ammo for this as I just bought some dies to do this. I was looking into bedding my Stock Stock so keep the price down so I can spend more on glass or even a new heavy barrel and some glass. It also does not have a mag on it which I am fine with that until after the competition.
  9. So new to the R700 world. So, I picked this rifle up a couple of weeks ago and me and some friends are doing a $600 rifle build off for 1000 yards. I picked this rifle up for $250 and its in 7mm Rem Mag. So what do you recommend getting for this competition? I know, I need a new scope for sure because the stock one really sucks. Also, to mention that this is a 2 lug bolt. So if you have any ideas what to do for this let me know please. I have been doing a little research myself but I also thought i would ask other people since I am very new to the platform and not sure of all of the products o
  10. I have been looking into Liberty Suppressors for awhile now and I think that is what I will go with for my 7.62 build or I might do their all in one can but Im not sure what I want to do yet.
  11. holds up pretty good, make life a little easier to control the gas pressure with the round that I am using that is known to fail in the AR platform. But I haven't had any issues with 400 rounds after it was setup properly.
  12. Well, got my build done after 8 months. Still would like to change a few things on it but that can wait till later. The build is a 7.62x39 since I love that round and ammo is cheap. I can run what ever ammo I want and it just runs, no issues so far. Build List: -Anderson Upper/Lower -Luth AR Stock -Anderson lower Parts kit -Geissele Rapid Fire Trigger (B-GRF) -Cryptic Coating BCG in Mystic Black -C-Products Mag -Odin Works Adjustable Gas Block -LibertyCans Muzzle Brake -Bear Creek Arsenal 16" Carbine Length Barrel (thinking about changing it to a rifle length Gas tube) -
  13. They do make Scars that shoot 5.56 ammo. Also, 7.62x51 and .308 are a little different cases, close but a little different.