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  1. I'm love most things about my windows 10 tablet except the integrated windows touch keyboard. Is there a way that I can add a different touch keyboard to my tablet like Gboard that is offered by Google to my windows OS?
  2. https://www.amazon.ca/RX-570-8G-OC-Graphcis/dp/B076Y93L8F/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1541892485&sr=8-2&keywords=rx+570&dpID=510bg1-5eJL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch $219 ..... shit.... its getting so frustrating waiting for black friday a question about the rewards / bonus games you get from purchasing graphics card... I see that assasins creed is offered as a bonus from other vendors... is amazon exempt from it or will I just have to email AMD with proof of purchase of this card to get the bonus game reward?
  3. aaaannndddd I just cancelled my order. its a great deal but we are days out from black friday.... I'm going to wait and see
  4. I'm seeing the 580 as 279 right now ... is it just me? also big thanks. I just purchased it.
  5. cherry poppin daddy's big voodoo daddy Tim Tamashiro or you can go down the swing house side with caravan palace, parov stelar, Jamie Berry there are a tonne of others that just escape me right now
  6. you need to thoroughly soak your foot or whatever you're trying to remove the callous from like soak it till it gets pruney (sp) and then a good extremely rough pumice stone will do wonders or if you're cutting away at it the knife or whatever instrument will go through the callous more easily
  7. Hey all, I don't "phone" much but I picked up a cheap asus Zenfone for on the go etc. the main thing I use my phone for is pairing it with my bluetooth headphones and listening to podcasts or my weekend routine is to listen to longform youtube podcasts on my blutooth headphones but since last night my bluetooth range has become horrible I used to be able to leave my phone upstairs and still listen to it via bluetooth headphones downstairs or if I leave it on a charger while working on my car in the front yard and going to the backyard to pick up a tool or something it would
  8. the my 770 doesn't isolate much.
  9. I made Laksa for the first time last night it turned out awesome and now that I have a bunch of the soup paste made I can crank out the next ones in 15-20 minutes. 10 out of 10 highly recommend
  10. as an owner of both the DT770 80ohm and an M50 non X version I say both. but as an all rounder the 770 might have the edge I feel there is way WAAy more detail in the M50 especially the highs and the separation of sounds but everything sounded very 'In head' very enclosed where as the 770 had a better soundstage, I even preferred it for soundwhoring for black ops 2 over my open backed ATH ad700 (but only black ops 2 the ad700 was better in all other games for some reason the blops 2 sound engine was better with the 770) perhaps my 770 is defective or something but it s
  11. Italki is a good site once you are at an intermediate level and want to practice openly with another native speaker. just don't be "that" guy that only talks about anime, looking at all the English speakers looking for Japanese speaking partners and their avatars I can only guess at the levels of Weaboo that goes on there. as far as beginner.... ugh /shrug. start with Hiragana then Katakana and as far as Kanji I hear good things about this paid app called Wanikani there is also a free program that you'd have to set up for yourself as its not that plug and play but Anki is
  12. hey, let me preface this by saying I DONT GAME ANYORE I have an old 7790 that has been serving me well since I only want it for its triple monitor outputs but recently the fan has been making some noises and needs replacing. while I am not against hacking up a different fan and throwing it in there with some duct tape and crazy glue lately my free time has started has started to dwindle so I'm hoping for more of a plug and play option. I did waste some time on the MSI website and found nothing perhaps my Google-Fu skills have become rusty. the card and fan in question is from an MSI
  13. Holy shit Cool-k is back! I might just return from lurker mode. ... actually I don't have much time to spend on forums anymore
  14. I need to save on my power bill but I still want to have an HTPC attached in my livingroom that would be nice to be able to hide
  15. I don't daily in ears but if I did and had to rely on them I would sugru every failure point the joint to the jack, volume control and the earphone itself the aesthetics are 100% your skill with the stuff https://sugru.com/