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    I love computers, tech, band instruments, and music


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    Intel core i5 3570k
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    ASRock extreme 4
  • RAM
    16 gb of ddr3 1600 G.Skill sniper
  • GPU
    Asus gtx 770
  • Case
    Thor v2
  • Storage
    120gb Samsung 840ssd, 1t black WD hdd, 1tb blue WD hdd
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    BenQ 120hz monitor
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    ThermalTake SpinQ VT
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    a microsoft curved keyboard
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    Func MS-3
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    Sound Blaster Recon 3D Fatality Pro soundcard, Sennheiser 558 headphones
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Just saw this article. More and more things with Microsoft are going open source. Heck, the MS calculator app is open source and was even ported to Android. Do they really have a new perspective on the topic then about a decade ago? Here is the article: https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/5/18/21262103/microsoft-open-source-linux-history-wrong-statement?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Message to Linus Any fans that appreciate Linus let him know with a replay here. You Linus have made an impact already! You do need to focus on what is really important in your life. You built a successful business, and that's really hard. Props to you man. Now enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy your family. Also, now with your success, go out and serve. Help those in need. Maybe a good way for you is to bring computers to people who need them. Computing is very important and increases productivity and connects us to the world. There are people who do not have one. You
  3. How can you sue those companies? The ONLY company that can be sued is the mining company. IF there is even child labor laws in Congo. How can those companies be sued in USA when the event takes place in Congo? Doesn't make sense. To be incredibly frank, the problem is not these companies like Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, ect... It's the situation they are in, the economy they are in, and the fact that the mining companies and other companies around are either not demanding enough for their product or pay enough to their workers. This is, this is what happened in USA as we
  4. No it does. Just hover the cursor over it for a second. 3 things I found it doesn't do is "search in conversation", go the their facebook profile, and I guess no secret conversations.
  5. Still technically tech news. Is it even possible for me to move or delete it?
  6. it would still need access to contacts and storage no matter what
  7. Messenger (beta) on the Windows Store was just updated. The old Windows Store app was lacking quite a few features. Now, it's much better. Looks similar to the Messenger Web App except it uses a 3 dot button the top right instead of the information button. Small news here but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Link: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBLGGH2T5JK
  8. To me, it looks like we are going for a standing desk top type of console. It's turning into more of a PC. This machine is like a home theater PC. Unless I was going cheap, I would use an xbox for home theater experience.
  9. If you're on PC, NO ONE is buying disks for that. You HAVE to be online to get a game for PC. To verify, you have to be online for PC. YES, you don't need to pay for online services but you can pay for certain gaming services if you want. PC you do get a choice for that.
  10. this is just my opinion. IDK how much a difference the BK024 will be. I am a fan of Be Quiet. All of those options in that selection are good options. But the BK024 in comparison to what you already are using I don't think will be much different. It is a little bit larger, the fan is lager and better. But it's only 4 heat pipes like the one you have. It's better but IDK if it's that much better then what you have. It might perform a lil bit better. It's sleeker. Just in comparison, the Dark Rock 4 or the BK023 would show more of a difference. I just don't know if spending 65 dollars for
  11. its not big at all. Quite small, especially compared to the really good heat sinks. Sorry, you messaged a long time ago. Does it consume more energy then water coolers? I don't think either of us know this. It's not on when its idle temps. N no, it's quiet. I saw it in action. Expensive? Yea, kinda like a good water cooler.
  12. Well, it isn't needed. The one you have is fine. I can't guarantee much better performance. But there are some larger ones that should give better performance. One's I can more then likely to work a bit better cost between $60-120 dollars (USD) for a better cooler. One thing you can also try doing is if you have a 92 mm fan laying around, adding another fan to the cooler you already have could help. Otherwise just buy a different cooler. Don't buy another fan for the one you have. If you're going to spend money then just get a different cooler. So just for basic
  13. Your temps are fine. But if you want to get a few degrees cooler like 2-7 degrees you can get a better air cooler. Water coolers will work better but there are 2 issues with them. 1. The pump can and eventually will break. Could be many years of good use or less. 2. There is a small risk of getting your parts wet. But it's not a big risk. Air coolers are just easier. Now you do not have to get a new one. Your temps are fine. Low 30s at idle is ideal. Can be better but that's a good spot. Mine is low 30s. You DO NOT have to change any voltage. Your temps are good. Very good t
  14. you really missed everything that I said. But ok dude, ok. Not worth talking about.