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    I love computers, tech, band instruments, and music


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    Intel core i5 3570k
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    ASRock extreme 4
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    16 gb of ddr3 1600 G.Skill sniper
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    Asus gtx 770
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    Thor v2
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    120gb Samsung 840ssd, 1t black WD hdd, 1tb blue WD hdd
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    BenQ 120hz monitor
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    a microsoft curved keyboard
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    Sound Blaster Recon 3D Fatality Pro soundcard, Sennheiser 558 headphones
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. I do like those unibody designs. Loved it with the polycarbonate phones. Stainless steal just doesn't allow wireless charging. They are also a little heavier but some people like that.
  2. Self driving is kinda limited right now and yes, they have done things like this. Cars with sensor and such have also saved lives by breaking on its own to preve to crash. Tesla only self drives on the freeway. So it stays in the lane, breaks and gas, and I think it can pull over but I'm not sure if it can exit a ramp. I'd have to find out. It's really a more advanced cruise control in a way. Full driverless cars are not ready for Mas production and that is a very sad loss.
  3. Thats completely unrelated. Cars, busses, trucks, semis all driving themselves. Thats like saying "we should get batter publish transportation instead of upgrading the stereo system in cars." These are not related.
  4. LOL what? Sell the farm? Dude, if he could buy a new tractor that plowed for him, he litterally could do other things and be more productive. You're really confused here about what automated vehicles will do.
  5. No, it doesn't require banning anything. Doesn't have to. Why drive when a vehicle will do it for you and in the mean time you can do other things? It would be more efficient for cars to drive themselves. The speed limit can be increased cuz cars would know what to do and communicate with each other and drive the most efficiently. Fist off, plublic transit is one option. And busses itself would become more efficient as well with autonomous driving. Just because it's safer now doesn't mean we should keep it the way it is when it can be better. Thats
  6. No, this is wrong. If all cars drive themselves then the cars would be very efficient and have almost no accidents. Second, people would probably car pool more cuz cars can just pick people up on their own. People might own less cars cuz why would you need 3 cars for 3 people if 1 car can pick up a person at any time on its own? Third, people would also use a bus service or taxi/uber/lift service and even with other people. Even if there was traffic, you're not driving so you can get work done in the car or do what ever. Take a nap? Play games? Watch movie? Idk!
  7. What you're saying makes NO sense. There will be private ownership of cars, people owning cars as a Taxi/iber/lyft services, and public transportation just like today. Just all of them will be self driving. Sooo, what's the issue here?
  8. Yes, plastic is polymers. Polycarbonate was used for Samsung Note20. Or the old Galaxy S3, S4, S5. Polycarbonate plastic is common and used many times with phones. https://pocketnow.com/polycarbonate-vs-plastic
  9. Polycarbonate plastic is used on many many things, in fact it's quite common. When It comes to smart phones, many plastic phones use polymers. So when you say you havent seen it, you have you just didn't realize it. Here, this is Nokia 920. Go to 48:20. https://youtu.be/I88rimVZvOs
  10. Polycarbonate is plastic and has been used on multiple phones. You should look up the word.
  11. I hate glass on back of phones. Because of Wireless charging phone mo longer do Aluminum back or unibody designs. I personally really like a well designed plastic back. There are good and there are bad plastic phones. A good plastic back is resistant to breaking and somewhat resistant to scratches. Glass breaks, is slippery with the oils on your fingers, and it does scratch. What back do you enjoy and why? Glass back isn't to much of a problem if you have a case but even still, can break much easier.
  12. K lol I thought you were forcing it more. I guess he's forcing his ideas more. Personally, I'd never buy an iPad for myself and that's me.
  13. Model of product is going to be someone on the keyboard. Like the bottom of it. You need to know the model to know what drivers to download.