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The Pure Solid State Server Build Log

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An unplanned update. So I had bought a cheapo Intel NIC. I didn't bother mentioning it in the build because that's all it was. It uses the Intel 82574L controller. Not only was I trying to diagnose why the two 10Gbit NICs kept disabling themselves but this 1Gbit NIC was too. Trying to locate drivers for it led to a conundrum. The driver for the 10Gbit NICs was the same driver for the 1Gbit NIC. That sounds like a good thing, but no. Windows refuses to recognize the driver as correct for the NIC and with the default Windows driver it keeps disabling itself. Although it could also be the motherboard slot possibly. I really hope not. So instead of spending money on possibly another NIC in the event something else is the issue I grabbed a spare dual port BCM57810S (because who doesn't have a spare one of those when their gig NIC misbehaves) and put it in it's place. There is one issue though. It's SFP+, our 1Gbit NIC is Ethernet. So in order to plug it in to my local network I had to pass-though the 10Gbit switch effectively turning it into a $500 media converter (if you think that's bad I can tell you stories about worse things I've seen companies do). So with that I plan to have the server run a bunch of Internet bound traffic and if the NIC hasn't disabled itself after a couple days I'll buy a SFP to Ethernet transceiver (SFP not SFP+) and just use this dual port NIC for my WAN access. If I ever break 2GB/s on our high speed network I might just buy 2x SFP+ to Ethernet transceivers since it'd be cheaper than buying a 2nd X540.

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