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  1. 7003 hasn't launched yet that I'm aware of so I'm skeptical of this rumor. It'll be fascinating if they do squeeze 96 cores into the SP3 socket though. I'll also want one.
  2. Windows7ge

    Don't ever do this if you host: https://arstech…

  3. Windows7ge

    Don't ever do this if you host: https://arstech…

    *laughs in PROXMOX*
  4. If you already plan on DIY-ing your own cable extend the connections out with some wires then probe those wires instead of the connector itself. Once you know the pin-out from that reconnect the (hopefully) color coded wires accordingly.
  5. Googling what those cables look like the voltages aren't complicated. A hobby DIYer should have a basic multi-meter. Probe the outputs and this will tell you the pin-out.
  6. You're more likely to see single ports failing on a switch before catastrophic failure. If one port is exhibiting strange behaviour try another. I'd also try setting up a iperf test on a system on the other end of the network then seeing if the client in question can read/write to it at full gigabit speeds. This would either eliminate or prove your LAN as a culprit to the issue.
  7. Desktop motherboards do not support RDIMM (registered) memory. You can run UDIMM (unbuffered) ECC though.
  8. As I understand it the Mine-craft server software is very single threaded meaning for a given number of players the higher the single threaded performance the better.
  9. Windows7ge

    lol [spoiler] "191% more energy than average ne…

    I get that from my electrical supplier. "You're using 150% the power of all your neighbors!" Well of course I am! I have 2 servers, and 3 workstations whirling 24/7 trying to find more cures for COVID-19!
  10. That's how a UPS works. It's to alert you to the fact it's not receiving AC power. Some (or most) UPS's allow you to mute the beeper if you don't like it.
  11. That's the thing. You can pick one up barebones for $240. RAM is going to cost you the same and you don't have to use the highest SKU CPU for the socket. Then you have a lot of growing room for very cheap. PROXMOX uses ZFS. Is it just that you like the TrueNAS WebUI? Generally people build a hypervisor server because they want to consolidate their physical servers. Less noise, less heat, generally cheaper. A File Server for your LAN would be fine ran in a LXC Container. If you're so inclined though you could run TrueNAS in a VM and pass a HBA through to it. (I don't recommend it th
  12. Did you try turning it on and off again? Did you try disconnecting the modem and seeing what it does? Did you try connecting something else like a computer? Does it say the battery needs replacing? (kind of likely)
  13. Rack-mount servers are traditionally not the most quiet but there are resistor mods and scripts you can implement to quiet them down. This is way more power than you will probably need but I really like the expansion capability on the HPE DL380 Gen 9. If you want to build a virtualization server I'd opt for PROXMOX over TrueNAS CORE. I haven't heard any updates that they've moved from using Bhyve. Meanwhile you can do so much more with QEMU/KVM on PROXMOX.
  14. Windows7ge

    I got approval and bought 18 3tb SAS drives for…

    C'mon, do it! Spend about a month figuring out how to set it up or if it even exists at all. Ask for help on three different forums and do research on twelve others because of how poorly the feature is documented until finally one guy on one random forum tells you this one line of code that goes in a configuration file and suddenly everything works.
  15. Windows7ge

    I got approval and bought 18 3tb SAS drives for…

    Something to think about for the future then. I know FreeNAS supports SMB3.0 Multi-channel so a single client can take advantage of the combined 20Gbit. I'm going to assume it probably hasn't changed in TrueNAS CORE but let me tell you setting it up is an adventure and a half. I hope you're CLI savvy.
  16. Windows7ge

    I got approval and bought 18 3tb SAS drives for…

    A Disk Shelf doesn't have to be 8U. I have a 2U twelve 3.5" bay DAS I built myself with a SAS Expander AIC. With the exception of cost the Intel P3700 or even the DC/D3 S4500/S4610 SATA SSD's are all high durability rated with an endurance rating in the multiple PB writes. These aren't consumer drives but $/Gig you found a better deal with that LSI card. I'll be curious to hear the read/write performance you get on it.
  17. It is. I use it to give me a Windows desktop on my Linux desktop and it works fine if your GPU on the streamed machine has a hardware encoder. Performance can get choppy at times though and you'll see that as a lot of fuzzy output on the screen.
  18. I'm a fan of the LSI 9201-16i. It's SASII/SATAIII. Will work great with ZFS.
  19. Windows7ge

    bangoods shipping estimates are pessimistic. I…

    Whenever I order stuff from Chinese vendors like Gearbest the shipping estimates are pretty accurate. I almost always have to wait 1 month before the item arrives.
  20. Windows7ge

    I got approval and bought 18 3tb SAS drives for…

    Did you consider adding a disk shelf with SAS Expander? Interesting. Never knew that was a thing. If it were up to me though I'd try to find something like a 400GB or 800GB Intel DC P3700. They're server SSDs from 2014. Built to last and have consistent performance across various workloads.
  21. Windows7ge

    When you overclock your RAM too much:

    It's like an existential crisis. When you can't trust your own memory to give you the right answer.
  22. Windows7ge

    I got approval and bought 18 3tb SAS drives for…

    ZFS supports hot spares if you have a spare bay for it. Are you using FreeNAS/TrubeNAS CORE or something like ZFS on Debian/RHL? Should work for either. I'm not familiar with what a F40/F80 is. If it's only an x8 card does it have an onboard controller?
  23. With two disks your options are basically no resiliency (RAID0) or mirror (RAID1). I'd opt for the latter but it comes at the cost of 50% of your usable capacity. If you're limited by your number of bays then replacing one disk, re-silvering, then repeating this for the other should/will give you the upgraded capacity but you have to replace both not just one. If you have four bays available though you may be better off just making it a RAID10 by appending two more identical capacity drives to the first pair as another RAID1 (mirror). Then you've just doubled the capaci
  24. Windows7ge

    I got approval and bought 18 3tb SAS drives for…

    Are they SASII or SASIII? RAID60 across 16 SAS drives should offer some pretty good reads/writes. Not sure how that will be reflected over the network though. Yeah, RAID is for maintaining up-time. I've been told SAS drives are notoriously good at dying (which may be part-in-partial of their low second hand cost) but in the time you would need to re-silver I don't think you need a 4 disk safety net. So predominately SMB, and maybe NFS/iSCSI access? Don't worry about a SLOG. It won't help you. I can explain why if you want a reason. On a lighter note if you need more RAM
  25. The only way that will work on FreeNAS/ZFS is by removing either of the two drives. Re-silvering the array. Then replacing the second the same way. That's assuming you started with a mirrored pool.