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  1. got a couple of upgrades for my 3d printer coming lol microswiss direct drive kit and also some parts to finally clean up my cable management lol
  2. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/For-MSI-RX560-RX-560-GTX1050-GTX1060-AERO-ITX-Video-Graphics-Card-Cooling-Fan/174203709507?hash=item288f59a843%3Ag%3AeqAAAOSwIXdgJ3K6&LH_BIN=1
  3. yeah amazon is annoying that way tbh also @Harry520 I think I found that fan on ebay btw
  4. do u know the fan diameter btw https://www.ebay.ie/itm/PLD10010B12HH-Fan-FOR-MSI-GTX1080Ti-1080-1070-1060-RX470-480-570-580GAMING-Card/124348136813?hash=item1cf3b9fd6d%3Ag%3AAOkAAOSwJJRfahsH&LH_BIN=1 found this whan I was looking through ebay
  5. lol Some of that hardware is nearly 8 or 9 years old now
  6. some random old graphics cards and ddr2 ram I have lol
  7. check you didn't accidentally bend any pins on the cpu
  8. If the school provided the laptop I wouldn't go and change or mess with anything on it tbh
  9. black is usually ground and yellow is 12 volt do you have a photo of the connecter where it broke off though
  10. the back panel also should be fine tbh I've never had any issues from jamming it on lol
  11. ah I'd get a noctua 120mm whichever is the easiest/cheapest to get tbh
  12. I'd get the noctua 140mm fans personally (I'd defn not a fan expert though xD)
  13. It's fine you won't have any issues from it All cable ties used in PCs are plastic or made of fabric if they are velcro
  14. I think pretty much every fan by noctua is good tbh Just get whichever one fits your radiator without issues
  15. Also RIP Tyler you were the one that kept the LTT warehouse so organised and you also had such an amazing personality and were a pleasure to watch My condolence to Tylers family
  16. oh god that must be pretty sad to have that kind of a dream come through
  17. I have a 2070 though I don't think I'd reccomd getting a 2070 with the new cards having came out as it works out to get a 3070 when they come in stock tbh but yes it can run a 1440p monitor (It also depends what your doing tbh)
  18. could be what power strip is it? try plugging your pc into the wall directly (some cheap power strips don't have the ground wire connected very well)