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  1. Working here, you'll have to drop them a line to figure it out.
  2. Yeah that's the kind of tool you'd get in a bundle with other tools or 'free' with a bit set or something, you'd rarely buy it on it's own as at $80 it's not a good deal. Where Snap-on excels is in their sockets and ratchets, some people like their air tools but I'm not a huge fan of them they're a bit antiquated and over priced compared to their competition. I like to joke that I bought a $1800 jacket and got a free tool box with it. If you bought the jacket by itself it's around $200-250, no one would but that by itself and the fact that they just give it away means they paid maybe $50 for i
  3. PCWorld's online store sells Windows 10 keys for surprisingly cheap from time to time, currently a Pro key is $90 but I got two for $40 each a while back and sometimes they go for $30. Just keep checking there once a week or so until you hit a sale. Not sure how 100% legit that is but PCWorld is a pretty old magazine so it can't be that sketchy? https://www.pcworld.com/article/3400840/how-to-get-windows-10-cheap-or-even-for-free.html A way to get an OEM key is to buy a Dell, HP, etc branded motherboard from eBay and use Linux to extract the product key from the BIOS of the mo
  4. It was pretty much AS3 or you used the gray goop packets of sand mixed with silicone oil lol. I think for a long time all thermal compounds were some iteration of silicone oil and a fine powdered material. Now they're a bit more complex and there's a lot more choices and substantially less expensive too!
  5. You're new to tools huh? Trust me, that's one of the better values on the Snap-on tool truck! Snap-on tools are intended for people who depend on their tools to put a roof over their head and food on the table, they carry a basically no questions asked life-time warranty on all hand tools and a much worse warranty on power tools because they clearly out-source that production to a 3rd party but they're still solid tools. You pay for the warranty up front when you buy the tool, that's why it's $80 and if you're just building computers that screw driver will probably get handed dow
  6. I was thinking AS3 possibly, I had some on a P4 3.4E for like 5 or 8 years in use and then sitting in storage for another 5-8 years. It was hard but not powder and still had some...goo-ness to it. Obviously not like new but it was a thin silvery sheet though I had some voids but likely that's due to my excessively sparse application due to fear of it being conductive, I still had good temps as far as I can remember.
  7. I don't see why you can't use two carbon pads cut and placed right next to each other?
  8. Actually yeah those carbon thermal pads have essentially and indefinite life span, not the most amazing thermal conductivity but certainly good enough considering zero maintenance.
  9. Arctic guarantees their MX-4 paste for 8 years. You could be looking at Arctic Silver 3 or 5 there, it's silvery, but it tens to dry up a bit over time though doesn't seem to lose it's effectiveness. Arctic and Arctic silver are NOT the same company or related products, confusing.
  10. Ah ok so KVM with a couple of hubs that have individual power switches for each port? I don't think there's a single device with all the features they're looking for.
  11. A KVM switch? You want to have one set of devices plugged into two different machines and switch between machines without plugging and unplugging things every time?
  12. $1 But seriously, used part prices are CRAZY right now, you could probably get 75% of what you paid for that setup new.
  13. Jesus do you even have any IRQ's left to assign?!? I recall running out once in Windows 98 on an old Gateway motherboard, had a PCI slot left but some onboard devices were conflicting, learned about disabling things you don't need like the parallel and serial ports to free up resources for other things like a better sound card with game port or an extra IDE card. Not that any of that is a problem anymore.