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  1. I hear yea, I've got a couple of something or other quiet that just run off the molex since the Xeon isn't running much of a video card in it, I was just running some Prime95 and other stuff seeing how high I could clock the CPU, got to about 4ish Ghz but consuming 350W of power and the water block made for a Pentium 4 was getting swamped with heat anything over 300W. Seeing CPU temps nearing thermal throttle with water temps in the low 40's means you don't have enough CPU block! It was specc'd by Koolance as for a 200W load so they did alright by me. I've posted a few pictures somewhere and p
  2. Absolutely, that steel is thicccc and heavy. I haven't used mine in a while, @FakeKGB has the former contents from the 2nd build in it, and now it houses a 1st gen i7 Xeon X3470 system that I never use because it's ludicrously inefficient and slow. I should do something with it... I ended up reversing the airflow in the case, used the rear 80's as intake with a sheet metal air deflector to blow air across the motherboard to keep it cool because water block blows no air. Top is exhaust through the radiator with 3x80 and I don't recall any front fans but I could be mistaken or took it out
  3. I've got the same case but from Koolance with built in water cooling and a side window, no side fan. Also similarly aged. Do you have 2 rear 80mm or single rear 80mm? There's two sizes/types of that case that look similar otherwise.
  4. I think those were just slightly customized Chieftec Dragon cases, at least by outward appearances, so I would expect the price to be similar to those?
  5. GearWrench - KDT-3289 GEARWRENCH... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002SQWY8 Got that to make oil pressure checks easier, everything has VVT now which is more sensitive to low oil pressure as they rack up miles. This also lets me see oil pressure right off the pump to compare it to a pressure sensor on the engine, some are up in the head or behind stuff and impractical to access. It's not perfect but it's a lot easier, I hope.
  6. Smartphone Microphone,Comica... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KZSTSWX?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I'm sure its not a great mic but it's much greater than the mic built into my phone.
  7. Check out California Air Tools if you're in the USA, they have some compact and truly very very quiet air compressors.
  8. Depends how old the injectors are, if its a high miler it makes sense to do all..
  9. Most common causes are... Under inflation Over loading Sidewall impact damage Excessive age All these are things that can be prevented by looking at your car more than never and looking for flat tires, tire titties, and following the placard pressure and loading information.
  10. Just get some bolts and springs and plastic washers. You can do it.
  11. Niiiiice! Hopefully you got a good overclocker! Some heatsinks on the ram really helps and don't forget the VRM need some love too. Sadly you're limited by slot power.
  12. I think I've got a few of those in my basement of various revisions. Meh sound cards and I seem to recall drivers being a bit of a pain.
  13. He thinks he's going to make money plowing with it.... you know plowing the activity that destroys vehicles through rust and wear... he thinks he's going to make money doing that with a vehicle he's going to sink $10,000 into to restore only to destroy by using it for plowing. GO BUY A CRAPPY USED F250 DOWN SOUTH AND PUT A PLOW ON THAT. Or a V10/Diesel Expedition or Excursion. They're heavy and have 4WD, make great plow trucks AND you get a bigass SUV you can use the rest of the year too.