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  1. It feels like VRM coolers have regressed. Heat pipes and big fin arrays are very not commen now.
  2. I know I'm old because I was more excited for the socks than the computer parts.
  3. I'm holding off swapping the 1650 until the 2600 arrives for the other PC, as more people fall off the folding bandwagon I'm moving up more. I wish hardware prices weren't so messed up right now, 2060's are going for $400 used!?!
  4. Ok I know this is the retro thread but I got my 6800 and I'm just so excited I had to show it off. I must need an adapter, it doesn't fit in my pcie 3.0 slot very well.
  5. Yea no Cuda no bonus. I mean 1M PPD for 175W is still not bad but if that was a Cuda card it would be like 1.5M PPD for 175W now. My P106-100 jumped from about 500K to 750K for the same wattage.
  6. I bet this one has some pictures on it, I should grab a reader and give it a try! Found a Sabrent Floppy/Card reader combo that still works, plugged the USB into a board and away we went. Found it had 4 photos of a Cimatti Moped seat from a long time ago. Nothing exciting sadly.
  7. Pre Cuda update my Vega56 was a heck of a card at 175W and 1M PPD, now after the Cuda update it's not as awesome.
  8. Oooh!! Try boot-repair! https://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair/home/Home/ It may or may not help but it's free and worth a shot. That's super weird still but you're getting closer to solving it.
  9. I'd suggest using Clonezilla to copy the old NVMe to the new NVMe using device-device with default settings assuming the two are of the same size or the new is larger, shouldn't cause any activation issues as it's not a new install. If the board has two slots you can clone that way, otherwise grab a USB external enclosure or a SATA to NVMe device to stick it in. Both are slower than PCIe to PCIe but it's not a huge slow down, usually takes around 20 minutes to clone a 500GB drive. Sometimes even less. As for the device conflict, that's freakin weird man. It seems like it HAS to be
  10. I found A WHOPPING 8MB CF card from '99 lol. For some reason it was on the floor under my desk which certainly has not been here since '99.
  11. Perfect, thanks. Prices are still currently big ooff for that for me though.
  12. Ah I see, it does have more Cuda. That's what I'll shoot for I guess this spring/summer. I decided to leave the folding box up stairs for the winter to add a little warmth to the room and I'll basement it when it's warmer out. Sometime next week I'll muck about getting the 1650 out and the OC back on the P106-100.
  13. Also wouldn't a 1660 be the better buy since nothing about RTX helps with folding?
  14. There aren't any cheap 2060's until the 3060 is restocked twice because scalpers and miners. Won't be till a few months I expect.