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  1. Just get her parallels and let her run Windows ontop of her Mac and send her to the genius bar for everything else. Actually just send her there for everything. It's their problem now!
  2. That's based on one charge at 53%, you need like 10 charge cycles to get a somewhat accurate reading, it's been laid out pretty clearly in link's and explanations posted. You need to curb your impatience.
  3. Bitter

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    I don't think you can do much better at $25 per speaker and you can certainly spend more to get less also. For casual media consumption especially if you're using a not so high end amp and motherboard audio there will be much much worse parts of the audio system than the speakers.
  4. I know it took longer than 1:25, I was trying to use the computer during that 20 minute time span and it was exceptionally sluggish. Allowed Chrome browser, the shop management software, some windows processes that needed access to the folders restricted by ransomeware protection from windows defender. Only about 4 or 5 things needed authorization, we don't do much on the PC but it does handle client information so I just wanted to make sure this was an error in Windows Defender. I've also enabled Core Isolation since it is supported on this PC.
  5. It took about 20 minutes to run I think, there's not much on the PC besides Windows 10 and Chrome browser and some PDF's and pictures related to work. Yeah, there's nothing in threat history except some applications that were blocked by restricted folder access and then allowed manually when I turned on ransomware protection over a month back. If I go to the exact time in event viewer it says it acted on something there's nothing there but some logon activity. Take a look for yourself, I don't see anything that looks like a detection or action on a threat. It's also odd that this h
  6. Bitter

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    Parts Express has some cheap bookshelf speakers that sound fine enough. https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-B652-6-1-2-2-Way-Bookshelf-Speaker-Pair-300-652 I have those on my desk powered by an old Hitachi SR-603. The AMT tweeter version is supposed to sound a little nicer. https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-B652-AIR-6-1-2-Bookshelf-Speaker-Pair-with-AMT-Tweeter-300-651 I added a little acoustic fill to mine and I think they sound good enough using them on my desk flanking my monitor with a sub under the desk as a foot rest.
  7. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 5/6/21 Scan Time: 8:33 AM Log File: 9adae274-ae6f-11eb-af62-20256409b6c9.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1292 Update Package Version: 1.0.40175 License: Trial -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 19042.964) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: SHOP-PC\Shop -Scan Summary- Scan Type: Threat Scan Scan Initiated By: Manual Result: Completed Objects Scanned: 275211 Threats Detected: 0 Threats Quarantined: 0 Time Elapsed: 1 min, 25 sec -Sc
  8. I'll give it a run tomorrow at work, it's the PC out in the shop that we use. We don't do anything or go anywhere weird and rarely download any files to it. The only notifications are for the restricted folder access permissions from over a month ago when I tightened up Windows Defender settings more.
  9. This has been going on for a couple weeks now. It says it took action on a threat, I check the thread notifications, there's nothing there and nothing in event viewer either. Suggestions? Just Windows being Windows and buggy?
  10. It's the perfect uhhhh victim to try your skills at though!
  11. Time to bust out the hot air station and do your best impression of Lou Rossman!
  12. Yeah, 4570T, Wifi slot but it's Lenovo whitelisted. I'm eyeballing some HP 800 G1's as well since they look like a superior product but sadly they're not free. I paid $90 for the Lenovo complete without wifi (this one wasn't built with Wifi) and then bought the correct top tier Intel Wifi card and both antenna for about $35. I'll look more into the HP 800 if it's got space for 2 HDD's and probably keep this one for myself, always need a spare PC to loan out in case someone needs it.
  13. I got a 1L Lenovo, been playing with the i5 4570T. Neat little box, wish the msata port on the board was populated with a connector but at least the solder pads are there. With XTU I was able to get it to handle 40W to hold full turbo speeds on both cores under most loads no problem and overclocked the graphics by 200mhz as well with the raised power budget. I stuck some tiny heat sinks on the VRM chips to help them stay cool under the added load, I guess people put even hotter CPU's in these things but this is OK. I'll play with it for a while then do what I bought it for and gift it to a fri
  14. Took me a second to decode this, but those are ALL the reasons, he has 2 reasons. 05 and 08.