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How much did you spend on PCs so far?

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16 minutes ago, Zando Bob said:

uh.... a scarily large amount. 

I mean, in last 2 years I spent 1600€ just on a SSD and graphic card. Most people have 3 generations of whole computers for this money. And I'm not even overdoing it with SLi configs or NVMe's in RAID0. Just a regular single device high end system. Then you see people with 4x 1TB NVMe in RAID0 pushing like 5TB/s and 4x Titan cards that cost twice as much as my car is currently worth lol.

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-3500$ for my first ibm p1 300mhz

-1450$ for my p3 733mhz + 2 video card upgrade which was around 75$each

- 1200$ for my amd 64 3000+

-700$ for  amd b55 + 2 gpu upgrades 

- 500$  to upgrade de b55 to r3 1200

-300$for new gpu rx 580 8gb


+ all peripheral thoughout the years


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17 hours ago, Dabombinable said:

Better than Intel's other shitty mobile chipsets that could still only address 2GB RAM in 2008, when right back in 2006 you could get laptops with Nvidia chipsets+iGPU, which could actually handle 4GB RAM, and at higher clock speeds as well.

Can't even get my 2008 Asus laptop to work with 2.5GB RAM. And that's Socket P.

novideo chipsets are scary since I use loonix on that laptop, but anything is better than GMA 950

i7 3770k @ 1.3v 4.0GHz | 2x8GB CAS9 1600MHz | Radeon VII | ASUS P8Z77-V LE | 6TB WD Gold (128MB Cache, 2017)

Samsung 850 EVO 240 GB 

138 is a good number.


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2500$ Canadian shekels or so for my last upgrade, more than a year ago. CPU, Ram, GPU, PSU, Mobo.


Recently around 400$ for a 2TB SSD.


Tempted to get a 2080Ti, but it would so stupid. :s Stupid but so tempting. :s

i7 7700k @ 4.2GHz

Asus Strix OC 1080Ti

ROG Maximus IX Hero

EVGA G2 850W

32GB DDR4 (16x2) @ 3000Mhz

X62 Kraken

Creative Soundblaster Zx

Windows 10 Pro x64

Phanteks Primo

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Far far too much. 

At last count... ~$4k total

Use this guide to fix text problems in your postGo here and here for all your power supply needs


New Build Currently Under Construction! See here!!!! -----> 



Deathwatch:[CPU I7 4790K @ 4.5GHz][RAM TEAM VULCAN 16 GB 1600][MB ASRock Z97 Anniversary][GPU XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB][STORAGE 250GB SAMSUNG EVO SSD Samsung 2TB HDD 2TB WD External Drive][COOLER Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo][PSU Cooler Master 650M][Case Thermaltake Core V31]


Cupid:[CPU Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33GHz][RAM 3 GB DDR2][750GB Samsung 2.5" HDD/HDD Seagate 80GB SATA/Samsung 80GB IDE/WD 325GB IDE][MB Acer M1641][CASE Antec][[PSU Altec 425 Watt][GPU Radeon HD 4890 1GB][TP-Link 54MBps Wireless Card]


Carlile: [CPU 2x Pentium 3 1.4GHz][MB ASUS TR-DLS][RAM 2x 512MB DDR ECC Registered][GPU Nvidia TNT2 Pro][PSU Enermax][HDD 1 IDE 160GB, 4 SCSI 70GB][RAID CARD Dell Perc 3]


Zeonnight [CPU AMD Athlon x2 4400][GPU Sapphire Radeon 4650 1GB][RAM 2GB DDR2]


Server [CPU 2x Xeon L5630][PSU Dell Poweredge 850w][HDD 1 SATA 160GB, 3 SAS 146GB][RAID CARD Dell Perc 6i]


Kero [CPU Pentium 1 133Mhz] [GPU Cirrus Logic LCD 1MB Graphics Controller] [Ram 48MB ][HDD 1.4GB Hitachi IDE]


Mining Rig: [CPU Athlon 64 X2 4400+][GPUS 9 RX 560s, 2 RX 570][HDD 160GB something][RAM 8GBs DDR3][PSUs 1 Thermaltake 700w, 2 Delta 900w 120v Server modded]




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On 1/30/2019 at 5:16 AM, DiamondCubeMiner said:

I record the prices of items I buy in PCPartPicker and for the last 3 years, and I have spent US$995.48 (probably more) on PC parts, spread across 3 different PCs.

How much did you spend on PCs?

it will take a while to calculate, lol. literally all my money goes to pc or tech related stuff :P

They say no images here, but too bad! They couldn't stop me! 

When you really can't wait...

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I build a computer 6 months ago, half of them are second handed parts. It was about $950.


I bought a old workstation and 2 3TB HDD last year to make a NAS. 


And I might upgrade to zen2 later this year (or navi, if it is good) , and I am very likely to buy a second display and a mouse in the next week.


So the final answer is : a unhappy fiancee.

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I started buying stuff in October and since them Im about $7300 in between a gaming laptop (which Im going to sell) and my tower.

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