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  1. Some people get fired for less. https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/ontario-hospital-apologizes-after-staff-director-gets-family-member-early-covid-19-vaccine-1.5274881
  2. Oh OK, thought I was alone. Fortify my home then, y'all gonna purge.
  3. https://nypost.com/2021/01/15/charles-barkley-thinks-athletes-should-get-covid-19-vaccine-first/ Genius.
  4. I've had roughly 4-5 beverages in my lifetime, don't dig the taste at all.
  5. Is this some joke? French translation sounds like a joke.
  6. Your mom knows what's a SD card, that's a start.
  7. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/mobile/anti-curfew-protesters-accuse-government-of-creating-a-climate-of-fear-1.5269953 Note that they say they aren't conspiracy theorists or science deniers, but against the curfew on a civil liberties (and common sense) basis.
  8. 229 in intensive car in Quebec, not sure what's the capacity. A record since the beginning. Unplug people they will. https://www.lapresse.ca/covid-19/2021-01-13/2071-nouveaux-cas-33-deces/le-quebec-etablit-un-triste-record-aux-soins-intensifs.php
  9. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/montreal-evening-shift-workers-slapped-with-curfew-fines-despite-authorization-letters-1.5263664 Not sure I wanna go to work anymore.
  10. https://ipolitics.ca/2021/01/11/two-per-cent-of-canadians-with-covid-have-logged-it-in-contact-tracing-app/ What's the point of the app if you don't use it?
  11. Passing out is not that unheard of, that's why they ask you to remain 15 mins after your flu shot.
  12. Don't really mind them, just wish there was more variety. I'm looking at you Ridge Wallet, RAID: Shadow Legends and ExpressVPN.
  13. Should be grounds for termination, wtf. https://apnews.com/article/north-carolina-coronavirus-pandemic-coronavirus-vaccine-09d5acd1fd6d264b6d1ec80afeeeb301
  14. Did the PS5s really sell at $1400 CAD? The new price seems to be $1000, guess they're stuck with the inventory.
  15. Quebec looking at imposing a curfew from 19:30 to 06:00, in addition to a confirmed 4 weeks of extra lockdown. Grocery stores will close at 19:00, because craming people in higher densities makes sense. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/quebec-headed-for-full-lockdown-curfews-beginning-saturday-report
  16. Legault delays announcement from today (Thursday) to Wednesday. Probably a complete shutdown, they wouldn't delay good news no? Worthless anyhow, been seeing people meeting others on social media since the start of the whole pandemic. What % is following the whole thing to the letter? 15?
  17. I'm not judging the purpose, but the end product looks shoddy. $25 tattoo?
  18. Recently got 15GB for $55, my own phone. But yeah it's bad. Especially the excuses like population density, which our MPs eat up. Australia??
  19. Griffy is funny but now he's outdone himself
  20. Related items should be ok but winter clothing is deemed non-essential. Here they could only only get work gloves: https://www.lequotidien.com/actualites/essentiel-chez-lun-mais-pas-chez-lautre-ed419e35df9598557b7ccbd32d05f699
  21. Apparently winter clothing is non-essential but flowers are.