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    Intel Core i5-7600k
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    Ballistix Sport 8GB (gray)
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  1. Well they have like 50 people, a bunch of which (editors) are constantly downloading and uploading stuff from their servers, they their 1 petabyte server (or however much it has these days) is constantly being backed up to google drive. A lot of the things they do are because they can, they have money, companies often send them free stuff, and and LMG gets to make videos about it. How expensive is upgrading your entire network when you have all these editors saving time (time=money), and you get to make videos about it? Probably pays for itself pretty quickly. LMG just
  2. yeah, its also easier to setup with Home Assistant if you use an install method that supports add-ons, since there is a DuckDNS Add-on.
  3. yeah, i suspect next time the MyQ integration breaks Linus will be looking for alternatives. Hopefully he goes the full DIY route.
  4. Dear linus/jakkah/LMG, I'm glad you finally tried Home Assistant. In the end of the video I noticed linus mentioned that he wanted to keep using the original relay to avoid the 5 second closing delay. It is possible to control the Sonoff relay in Home Assistant, you could use a custom integration that lets you do so, or a much better solution that would also avoid their cloud entirely, is to flash the Sonoff with custom firmware that allows it to be controlled 100% locally, and gives you pure control over the device. Another thing is if you won't want your relays on the
  5. I mean one option is always to get a long wire and run it outside.. although probably not the perfect solution, should work.
  6. No keep it. Unfortunately the dumb mods here will probably move it
  7. Garbage, they should state that they don't actually use monday.com on a daily basis, considering you can see in the video they are on the free trial... Recently they have been going to far in my opinion.
  8. It's on like Android 7 or something, I think they can't do anything. I maybe will just have to factory reset
  9. That's what I did, it shows that the code is valid for X minutes and it still doesn't work.
  10. So my younger sister lost her phone, so she started using a different phone but forgot her child Google account password so she changed it. We now found her phone and she wants to use it, but it shows that "account action required" thing, and I can't update phone to the new password. (Buggy LG k30...) We can't remove the account from her phone to re add it in settings without parents permission, so it asks for the parents access code. We type it, and it says it is incorrect. So with no access to her account from that phone and no way to add another account w
  11. If you are building a PC for gaming you would have to buy a GPU anyway because intels integrated graphics arent good for much other than browser games or Roblox or something. The real question is if you aren't gaming, why is the PC $1000? Tell us what you will use the PC for
  12. Oh.. I feel stupid. I guess I'll pick up a GT 710 or 1030 or something then lol Edit: ok so I got a 710 and the PC works great now! Probably the most graphics intensive thing we will every do on this PC is watching YouTube so it is fine
  13. Just built a PC with asus prime b450m-a/csm motherboard Ryzen 2600 Ballistic 16gb ddr4 3200mhz ram 2x 8gb sticks EVGA 80+ white 500w PSU And I can't get it to post, the fans spin and the orange lights are on. I tried swapping the RAM with 1x viper 2400mhz 4gb ram, still same result. I checked all of the power supply cables in the motherboard, I re placed the CPU, I tried different HDMI cables and a dvi cable, I moved the ram into every possible configuration, nothing. I tried basically every troubleshooting trying I could think of. Even the speaker that