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    Near what was frozencpu
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    Dell Motherboard
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    Saphire R9 280
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    In Win 301
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    1TB Western Digital Blue, 240GB Sandisk SSD Plus
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    Antec Earthwatt 500w
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    LG29UM57 (29 inches), 23" dell 1080p
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    Hyper 212 Evo, 5x Silverstone AP123
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    Apple Adjustable Keyboard
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sennheiser HD650K
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  1. So it's a wired Bluetooth headphone? Why????
  2. Well I got it working, in a different PC, with the original PSU from first PC. Odd, but things work now
  3. Yes, it does have the needed power cables. Maybe ill try it with a differnet psu
  4. I did not see it working, so it could just be broken. It is just a power supply in a prebuilt, but is 500w
  5. I got a used r9 280, should have been working. I get no display output from it. If I unplug the gpu, I can get onboard grpahics from cpu, but with gpu plugged in, get nothing from gpu or onboard graphics. Thoughts?
  6. Dual jl Audio 10w1 subs and Kenwood amp
  7. College living room setup with a shitty PC just for Spotify
  8. IDK, whatever one will hire me Bose would be cool, boston is a nice area. Harmon/JBL in LA would be cool too. Honestly any place actually audio related would be really cool.
  9. Turns out I went there. Only 2 years until I graduate now.
  10. I use it for playing fortnite. Also I need to program it too be function keys, as my keyboard has no function keys. Or delete key.
  11. I like it. Adds to my collection. I also have a Bulova Accutron Spaceview (which is cool, because it uses a tuning fork instead of a mechanical movement or quartz), a soviet Russian mechanical watch, and 2 cheap casios. I usually wore the Bulova before, but ill alternate that with the Seiko. The Seiko is a lot more robust too with its 200m water resistance. Plus the timing bezel is fun to play with.
  12. Yeah, I have a NATO, perlon, and rubber waffle strap