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    Intel Ivy bridge i7 3770K
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    4x4gig Corsair Vengeance
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    780 STRIX - Dead. 7850 took its place.
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    Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev2. (Shh! At least it isn't the stock cooler)
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    Edifier Predator 1100
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  1. Man if i had an 8km commute i'd have all the v8s My current commute is 140km every day + 600km to get back home every once in a while
  2. I just really like the 2021 E class coupe. (And i'm a mercedes nut) Overall i wish electric cars would just look like normal cars. So many concepts look like sci fi rejects. 2018 mustang wouldn't be too bad.
  3. And new kias are so damn nice that you almost forget that the kia pride was a thing. My mom recently bought a 2018 cee'd sportswagon GT-Line and honestly i'd get one myself if i wasn't poorer than dirt. I know its a sport. But apparently its been turned into slang for a bunch of other things as well. Yeah. Still waiting for mercedes to make a full elecric E class. I was kinda hoping tesla would be the boot up the ass they needed though.
  4. There are some proper fuckups in terms of car names. Nova - No va - No go Mazda LaPuta Apparently Lacrosse means to masturbate so the Buick Lacrosse didn't go over well in quebec Though my personal favourite is a short lived car in the 1960s. The GAYLORD DICTATOR Yeah it seems like the general consensus is that quality control is not a thing at tesla.
  5. Well even though you've had some bad luck i have to say that its nice to have someone with a proper EV in the thread. Lord knows we need a different perspective. + i might need you to float some proper rye bread over kattegatt so i don't go insane Still not as unfortunate as the Honda Fitta. (Luckily they changed the name) which means pussy in swedish. Really want to get my hands on some of that marketing material as one of the slogans was "Roomier than it looks"
  6. Postal 2. Not 100% a guilty pleasure. But its as close as i can get i guess
  7. I could not care less about phones. But i have to have a smartphone for work (plans, SmartDok, photo documentation etc). So i'll generally only change my phone if it gets damaged beyond repair. If i could i'd just get a cat b35. Only switched phones last year because my honor 8 died. Probably going to have to switch phones again this year because my Xcover 4 has a cracked screen and its immensely slow. So as far as the question goes. Preferably never. Mostly when they break. I'd honestly rather not have one at all.
  8. Its not a scream of pain Its the intro to James Brown - I feel good
  9. I already hated snow before i moved up here. Now that i've worked with piste prep i hate it even more. But its work so i guess i can't complain. The only time i don't mind snow is when i can make money on it.
  10. I wouldn't call the new camaro or mustang heavy as such. They're right around 1600kg on average. Which is pretty light for a modern car. Compared to a miata they are heavy yeah. But its still only about the same weight as an e39
  11. Then there is the Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988. Which basically fucked the grey market. (This is why you had to wait 25 years to import a skyline) It was basically congress going "FUCK YOU. BUY AMERICAN" (Which i agree with. But still)
  12. There is also the EPA. And the US's fucky emissions regulations. If manufacturers could just load a bunch of euro/asia market cars on a boat and send them over to sell in the states they certainly would.
  13. Phone, Switch, laptop. Though the laptop is constantly plugged in and i haven't touched my switch in over a month.