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    Near what was frozencpu
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    Dell Motherboard
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    Saphire R9 280
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    In Win 301
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    1TB Western Digital Blue, 240GB Sandisk SSD Plus
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    Antec Earthwatt 500w
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    LG29UM57 (29 inches), 23" dell 1080p
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    Hyper 212 Evo, 5x Silverstone AP123
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    Apple Adjustable Keyboard
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sennheiser HD650K
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  1. What do you mean my room is messy?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. themaniac


      i wish mine was that clean

    3. spwath


      Well after almost 4 hours, and until 2AM, its finally mostly clean ish.

      Just the desk left.



    4. Cyberspirit


      The clean room is nice and all but you know what would be nicer?



      An LTT water bottle to replace that old one!


      http://lttstore.com  😉



  2. What do you mean my room is messy?




  3. Kinda very messy right now... In the process of cleaning
  4. Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550w Gigabyte something, i forgot what, itx motherboard. After unplugging my computer and opening it up, seeing nothing wrong, and clsoing it and plugging it back in, it turns on, so it works for now... IDK what is up, it did this before too.
  5. Now my computer shut off during a game and won't come back on......
  6. Not just alt tab either, does it if i hit the windows key and switch windows
  7. Yeah does this sometimes. IDK why, just when I alt tab in a game, the screen goes black, and computer restarts. System: RX 480 i5-6400 16gb ram 500w seasonic psu
  8. Speakers generally cost more for the "same" "quality" just because there is more to them/play at louder levels/just bigger
  9. No. Unfortunatly there is already a lot of places/people that do this, so it is not really a good option for a successful business.
  10. 12 Monkeys was... interesting, but I liked it. Has Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, so thats cool. Very interesting movie though....
  11. $30 board to fix this 4k 70" smart tv i got on craigslist for $100. So now $130 later i have this great 70" 4k smart tv
  12. I would change the back fan to blow out, should work better to remove the hot air up top
  13. yeah but thats kinda rice, putting a wrx/sti spoiler on my normal 148hp CVT impreza. Was kinda thinking about it though....
  14. Yeah, and the set of 4 was only $150 on craigslist. Would be more rally-like if I actually had the WRX instead of just the impreza, but oh well