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  1. Unless you have discrete graphics, surface won’t necessarily be a better choice for gaming. Check, your games might be on every platform, and updated for m1. Do you need 2 terminals 120 width each side by side? With macos you’ll get used to fullscreen apps (allows up to 2 dif apps displayed at once), and switching between spaces/desktops. Think what do you need when portable, cause you can always have a big screen at your desk. Some ppl worked on 11in pre high dpi and did not squint. Not sure if touchscreen should be a deciding factor. Pen support on a
  2. No issue. I use bt nowadays. But even in AUX days would go for a dongle/small aux extender, cause I regularly tear the first cm of the cord.
  3. Student experience of 4+y with iPads mostly for math and econ. '17 iPad Pro 10.5" with pencil and Notability App - that's pretty much how I used it probably 4/5 times. 1. Unless you are a media hoarder, 64GB is sufficient (~50GB is available). 2. Cellular is convenient, but you can always hotspot from your phone. 3. I didn't bring my laptop unless I had to - if that's your case, then a regular/desktop Apple Magic keyboard or whatever you like (wireless or not) should work well - keep it in your bag until you need it. iPad specific keyboards are questionable in my
  4. Assembled Win10 pc for pennies... your best best is probably craigslist or thrift store like Free Geek, but I doubt you'll get anywhere close to USD 30
  5. Hey. What kind of apps for work? All of these games have to run? Windows10?
  6. Wanted to share a possible fix for anyone who might have experienced: - random crashes/kernel panic when trying to wake up their MBPs, both plugged (power/dongles) and unplugged - inability to turn it off when plugged to power (restarts instead) Disconnecting the battery for a bit, and then performing SMC and NVRAM reset - worked on my 2017 15" MBP. Local Apple store identified it as a problem with tb3 dongles/devices, but didn't really propose any viable solution ;( Was solved for a while after battery replacement, until I plugged in one of the old dangl
  7. Have been using AW series 3 for 2+ years, cause having notifications and wallet on my wrist is convenient af. Unfortunately, it made my mechanical watch a special occasion thing ;( Also don't see much point of the 'fitness capabilities' selling point, given that the only correct measurement it takes is your pulse, as far as I know.
  8. Usage? Probably can save a few bucks on the motherboard. Again depending on the workflow and the case (which may or may not have good airflow and stock fans) you might not need extra case fans.
  9. You can forget about resolution comparison, all late iPhones have north of 300dpi, so everything looks crisp, and whatever resolution is scaled nicely.
  10. Even if a model/gen officially stops receiving iOS updates, Apple would still release major security patches for "some" time. My 5S (2013) with iOS 12 (2018) still receive security patches (2021).
  11. As far as I know it is a marginal difference of a few minutes, unless you do some GPU intense gaming. But then again, apps like Fortnite give you options to select from like fps target and rendering resolution even on iOS.
  12. Why do you ever need to change resolution?