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  1. When at home (which is always these days lol): Similar, but DP and type A is for Anker 10 port hub, which has external storage, xbox360 controller and 1/4 jack, and a few random usb charging wires connected for random devices
  2. LTT posted "Holiday Buyers Guide 2020" on floatplane, or you can wait for the YT upload. It might help
  3. Well, I've also been there. Interests and priorities may change, evolve - it's a given, getting older For the past 5-7 years I guess I played just a few games, or at least started them. Sometimes it feels like a commitment, since I know I need at least an hour or two of uninterrupted gameplay, and some 'ambience' to go with it (and probably more days to finish). I keep tabs on interesting games, and usually only go for it when I know I'm 'mentally' ready and have time. Otherwise, there are always other 'hobbies' to do. Some that might work for you: - Workout. If you are
  4. Wallpaper: Eric Jacob - Saarschleife Nebel
  5. Can the current state run Dota 2 60+ fps (on busy screen) with some decent visuals? Or any iOS games (pc ports) like Planescape Torment or any other you might have in your library?
  6. My short-ish throw manual with stiff-ish clutch pedal with overall car dynamics, to enjoy every boring A-B routine travel Dedicated knobs and buttons with nice clicks, that don't require me to always look where to press. More 'spartan' and driver oriented/designed cockpit. ...and auto tilting side mirror to assist parking lol (I do believe that parking assists have one negative side - plenty of people don't develop skill/spacial awareness and/or care to park nicely)
  7. Fallout 2 - atmosphere, gameplay... and nostalgia:) Although other games in the series do come close. Mass Effect trilogy - story, characters
  8. Well that ‘damaged and generic’ game might become the eclusive that makes the ps5 sell.
  9. Not arguing, but 'hold value better' is not the same as 'not dropping in price'. Sure software is more on intangible scale, art, timeless etc, but it is entertainment, and is not in limited production/access (somewhat). I would say 'more paced' Was never into old GoW series or any other slasher/smasher
  10. Can suggest ports like Planescape: Torment, and other games by Beamdog. Might not be comfy on the small screen though... Dead Cells, Banner Saga, GTAs
  11. Well as far as I'm concerned, high price is acceptable premium to pay to get the game fresh... 2y+ is no fresh. if BoTW was CAD 40 including DLC's... I would buy it without owning a switch (so I could play it on PC without feeling very bad) lol Oh well, to each their own
  12. I would love to, but some Nintendo moves rub me the wrong way. Not touching the hardware topics. The pricing is ridiculous - first party titles 2y+ old still go for CAD 80