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    What up!

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  • CPU
    Intel i7 5820k
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer
  • RAM
    Corsair DDR4-2600 48gb
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC
  • Case
    NZXT S340 Elite
  • Storage
    Intel 730 SSD 480gb
  • PSU
    Corsair HX850
  • Display(s)
    ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G710
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    KEF LS50, Emotiva XDA-2 & XPA-2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. It's not that bad. The 5000 series actually OCed pretty nicely. You just need a good cooler! This is why I'm surprised your friend is willing to give up this 5 series for a 6... I'm skeptical
  2. If it's free... why not? I have that combo (5820k/GTX1070) and it's been very difficult to justify upgrading. However, I do not watch videos while I play games. I haven't had issues otherwise. I often export photos from Lightroom and upload them to cloud services and I've had no issues. I also game at 1440p resolution so it's naturally going to skew my usage to the GPU. You will be able to overclock the 5820k as long as your friend has a decent cooler. I'm sure modern CPUs could do things faster, use less power, smell better out of the box, etc, etc, etc. I just can't j
  3. JohnT

    Z reviews

    I'm gonna have to agree with this one. But he doesn't really hype up a bad product luckily.
  4. Is this a clean install of Windows or did you copy everything over? I ask this because a clean install might just nuke your GPU drivers. If you haven't already done so, try reinstalling your GPU drivers. Your GPU usage is a little more variable than I see on my own system even before yours tanks.
  5. What is leading you to this question? And you would need to explain what you mean by "sounds better" because sound depends on the person.
  6. Looks like it's trying to balance your hardware? I don't know. Increase settings until you're happy. #PCMR
  7. Hmm I'm not sure about that one. There are a lot of developer sales going on, but the Steam sales aren't on at this time.
  8. Just be patient. They all go on sale all the time. Spring sale should be coming up.
  9. No... 60 fps is about right on a 1070 with everything on and turned up all the way. I have to turn settings down, even resolution (unfortunately), to get 100 fps on 21:9 3440x1440.
  10. It would, except most people do not have access to 50 GB to 100 GB MKV files I suspect the issue is to make sure you are running GPU rendering, otherwise the software is expecting your CPU to handle the full load. I don't recall what capacity VLC has to support GPU rendering. I personally use MPC-BE on my HTPC with a GTX1050ti. The PC has 8 GB memory and a Pentium G4400 and I have zero issues with 4k resolution streaming or MKVs. I built it in like 2015/2016 and I still see no reason to upgrade.
  11. Don't worry about it. You won't even be able to tell. HDR can't save a bad show/movie. No you didn't make a mistake.
  12. Sorry to hear this. I had no issues playing GOW4 at all on my 1070. It was smooth as silk. Maybe try reducing some of your game settings in hopes that it will be less taxing and give you a playable experience.
  13. JohnT

    XLR or USB?

    How do you plan to connect your XLR mic to your PC otherwise?
  14. You really need to answer this because you're talking about spending a lot of money and complicating your life and your setup A LOT. I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud here... I've just over spent on AV gear and it's really hard to stop once you start. Hmm?? Usually this reduces your DAC/amp to just a DAC, and it feeds a line level output to a separate amplifier. And essentially your Arc becomes a pre-amplifier. The signal it delivers to speakers will not be enough for your to hear anything without a separate amplifier. Ever considered a set of semi-high
  15. You're getting into the world of expensive hobbies now. The SVS ?B-2000 is self powered. Nearly all modern theater subwoofers are. You need to send a line level input through the LFE on a receiver, or this particular plate amp looks like it can handle high level inputs from an amp directly and it will filter the low frequencies. You will need to invest in some sort of a receiver when you buy the speakers. I would recommend keeping it simple and making sure it has RCA inputs. A set up from SVS is night and day difference compared to anything from Logitech. Bu