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About BurgerBum

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    trans girl, musician, TCG nerd
  • Birthday January 24

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    TerrahBite #8967
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    BatBubbles my usual alias was taken for some reason
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    portland oregon. USA.
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    Music, Animals, Electronics, Food,
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    Stuff. haha


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    i5 6600k
  • Motherboard
    not a clue
  • RAM
    8 gigs ddr4
  • GPU
    1050 GTX
  • Case
    not a clue
  • Storage
    SSDs and laptop hardrives, #poor
  • PSU
    antec vp450s
  • Display(s)
    900p Dell. 720p BenQ. Both very very old.
  • Cooling
    Thermalright Macho X2
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G710+
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600
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    windows 7

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  1. BurgerBum

    The AMA

    Whats your favorite musical instrument and why? Does it invoke happy memories? Does the sound of it strike you emotionally or just really fascinate you? <_< i like music.
  2. Yeah, I play mandolin (and bass) so dexterity isn't really an issue for me either. Thanks!
  3. Whats it's refresh rate? sorry its been a real hot minute since I had my head in computer stuff and I'm largely unfamiliar with how G-sync and freesync work.
  4. Tips on getting better with ASL? I could really, really use some sort of fluency in it. thanks!
  5. English - Native. I caught on a little late tho cause bad start at life. Russian - learning, slowly but surely. Korean - learning, even slower but still, i'm learning it. ASL - Hardly anything at all, I have issues with using my voice sometimes and my partner teaches me some signs here and there to help me.
  6. Holy nut ballz I haven't used this site since the mesozoic era. Hi! If anyone recognizes me! I'm going to be upgrading my PC sometime soon, (hopefully) and am interested in a solid, cost effective 144hz 1440p monitor. Flat or curved is fine, I don't judge. Budget: Keep the damn thing under 500$. Starving artist over here, capisce? good. Thankyou! PS: I'm colourblind (deuteranomaly, I think i'm spelling that right.) As long as the colours are ''good'' I'll be happy. Doesn't mean you can totally skimp out.
  7. nice pic, the hair is really cool

  8. So, WW1 and WW2 bolt action rifles anyone? They fascinate me. Same goes for old lever action rifles.
  9. I"m a furfag (I apologize for my language. Thick skin and no filter) Rabbit here. TerrahBite#8967 is my discord tag @ChristianTheFolf Feel free to add me.