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  1. Funny
    Ashley xD got a reaction from tom_w141 in Need CPU for Gaming/Editing Build   
    even a Pentium is better than that cpu. watch jayztwocents latest video. 
  2. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to NumLock21 in Need CPU for Gaming/Editing Build   
    OP can opt to add a ssd if he wants to. Just note that he will have to copy files everytime to the hdd, cause the ssd getting full and files were not saved to the hdd in the first place.
    Your mixing consumer stability over enthusiast stability.
    No you would get Intel if he wants to set it and forget it.
    They want every part of the market. Having server parts does not mean the consumer side of things are mature and stable enough.
    Intel Core, has been out for almost 10+ years, compared to Ryzen's where it's barely even a year old. 
    If it's mission critical that company, will go with Intel, where it's been mature long enough that, they won't have to worry about the unexpected.
    The same when op builds the system for his kids.
    Target user is a 13 year old kid. Not someone heading off in to college. CoffeeLake was never the intended upgrade path for this build. They can upgrade to whatever Intel or AMD has 5+ years from now. As for your build. It's missing a OS and why bother getting a SATA based M.2? It's offer no performance improvements and your making OP's life difficult if he needs to attached that SSD to another system, when there is no M.2 slot.
    No source. It's called waiting for the platform to mature a bit longer and stabilized, before it can be recommended to a end user. Now if you're the person that likes to deal with nonsense problems and likes to tinker with your system, then go with AMD Ryzen. SSHD offers SSD like performance not equal performance. It gives the user a snappier response when using their computer, compared to a traditional HDD. OP can opt for the MicroATX version of that board. If you like to run windows unactivated or buy it from the bum down the digital alley, do it to your own build. Not to a build that's for someone else.
  3. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Are SSHDs good or bad? (Performance wise)   
    They're about the same as a regular hard drive, except if you load up data that you frequently access. However the drive determines "frequently accessed" is up for grabs.
    Note that you cannot test SSHD performance by, for example, opening an app, closing it, then re-opening it because Windows will leave the apps' data in RAM in case you do this sort of thing. Several runs of say Crystal Disk Mark may give you a better idea of how it works.
  4. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to Jurrunio in Low GPU usage, graphic card not permforming well   
    Get a new PSU first. Seems risky.
  5. Like
    Ashley xD got a reaction from Pyroven in ssd in ms-dos pc...?   
    i want to put an ssd in my ms-dos pc. a really small one. it's a pentium mmx machine with 16 mb ram.
    i want to do this because all of the old harddrives that i have are breaking, and i want to put something more reliable in. 
    it will be running Windows 95, but will be booting to Dos 95% of the time.
    is it possible to to this? and with what adaptors? will the machine even recognise it?
  6. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Is it okay to overclock a laptop?   
    Less than even 0.1% of laptops on the market are designed with overclocking in mind. Not only will you be introducing temperature related issues, you can even damage the power delivery, and damage the power adapter as you'll most likely force the system to draw more power than it was designed for. 
    The slight performance gains isn't worth potentially blowing up your laptop and power adapter. 
  7. Agree
    Ashley xD got a reaction from TSL in Need CPU for Gaming/Editing Build   
    why is everybody recommending ryzen? jayztwocents proved that even a pentium will outperform a ryzen 1200... 
    what is your budget? and "gaming" is very vague. what games?
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    Ashley xD reacted to emosun in Only half of my 16GB of RAM is showing up on BIOS   
    try each stick alone in the machine and make sure they work
  9. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to TheV_Machine in GPU choice for Xeon build   
    if you spoke of the rx 560, the 1050ti is still better but the rx is cheaper
  10. Funny
    Ashley xD reacted to TheV_Machine in GPU choice for Xeon build   
    dude he spoke of the rx 560 i think atleast and hope i dont fail now
  11. Like
    Ashley xD reacted to Zubkover in Access denied on killing a process, cmd doesn't work   
    Thank you, for stating the obvious. Man. Did I forget about that mode each time.
    Reboot into Safe Mode and Restart does the trick, no work involved.
    I actually was able to immediately reproduce the issue and I now know what's wrong - for some apparent issue while some ppl get greenscreen after enabling csaa type of AA I get black screen and app hang after changing resolution. Oh well.

    Thanks everyone for input on solving the issue
  12. Agree
    Ashley xD got a reaction from Intel HD Graphics in My BIOS still register my RAM is 8GB not 16GB   
    okay. try reseating it, but in a different slot configuration. so try slot 1 and 2, 1 and 3 etc. 
  13. Agree
    Ashley xD got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in do you ever regret buying a device because of the looks?   
    i disagree. i bought an asus Zenbook, because i liked the looks. specs are nice too, but i could have gotten more performance for my money. 
  14. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to Arika S in Keyboard and mouse not responding in Windows 10 after update   
    use an external keyboard to get into windows, go into device manager, find the drivers for the built in keyboard and mouse. uninstall them and then scan for recent hardware changes and let it install them again
  15. Agree
    Ashley xD got a reaction from Donut417 in How many of you actually buy windows? Be honest please   
    i always buy the retail download version from the microsoft store. windows 10 home is about €135 where i live.
  16. Agree
    Ashley xD got a reaction from Tsuki in windows crashing   
    first thing i would do is turn all of your overclocks off and see if it still happens...
  17. Like
    Ashley xD reacted to PartyWire in gt 1030... yes or no..?   
    Yeah that was the exact card i had. It will do fine. It's cool and quiet, even if the fans are on full blast.
  18. Informative
    Ashley xD reacted to PartyWire in gt 1030... yes or no..?   
    Nope, you can even see that it has a hole in the place where the connector should go, Picture 3 and 4 show that it doesn't require one. and also, if you scroll to the box, it says Unplgged, that means no external connector required.
  19. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to ProjectBox153 in HDD's OS freezes on my PC but works fine on other PC   
    It's because you're trying to boot the OS on different hardware. Sometimes that can throw out issues such as the one above.
  20. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to Enderman in HDD's OS freezes on my PC but works fine on other PC   
    You need to clean install the OS when using the drive in a different PC.
  21. Agree
    Ashley xD got a reaction from TheGhzGuy in 6.5gb of ram used on idle   
    so you say the laptop is idle, but you have lots of stuff open... start by closing all of your stuff, and then see what the usage is like. 
    also, make sure Windows isn't updating, it consumes a bit of ram when it does that.
  22. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to ProjectBox153 in 6.5gb of ram used on idle   
    Close everything - that's idle. What you are describing is nowhere near idle.
  23. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to wkdpaul in 6.5gb of ram used on idle   
    So you didn't do a restart yet?
    Try that first.
    I'm assume Windows 10?
  24. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to Icwhy in 6.5gb of ram used on idle   
    This is normal windows uses a set amount of ram to keep the system usage at max speed it depends on your installed ram size for example I have 24 gig ram and a usage of around 4-6 gig ram on a clean install. If it bothers you there is a setting to lower this but I cant remember where it is located do mind that this is reserved ram and is used if needed by an application. 
  25. Agree
    Ashley xD reacted to SCHISCHKA in Whats linux like?   
    this is bullshit. Theres plenty of games on steam. I have a mac and linux and differences are very small. Typically if a game was made for mac with opengl then it also gets ported to linux.
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