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  1. I wonder how many of these are just scalpers hoping to corner the market. Not sure what they’re expecting. Imo the whole situation is being overreacted to.
  2. I don’t know if this has been mentioned but IMO it’s quite obvious that this allows Google to know specifically who is a marketable audience (people with money) and who is actually a real person. Lots of YT accounts are bots. Forcing the link of ID allows for a very targeted advertising strategy. The whole censorship conspiracy thing comes off as a bit tinfoil hat. I guess maybe YT may also use it to block videos they don’t like, but I think a profit motive is the clearest incentive here.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks W10 is fine? When it came out I didn’t like it. The UI felt blegh and it had issues. But now I feel that it does everything it needs to and doesn’t get in my way too much. And isn’t that all an OS needs to do?
  4. How does Mini-LED power consumption compare to their current tech? If they can widen the battery life gap even further it would be an awesome selling point.
  5. Does this apply to the entire userbase, including those who originally paid for the game?
  6. I reckon the idea is that the rate of energy input < rate of energy output. Higher temperatures require drastically more energy to maintain, so this should not result in too much temperature difference. I'm not sure about any aquatic life in the basin (anyone have info?) that might still be negatively affected by even a small change in temperature, however.
  7. Are they new? When I first got my 770s as my first 'real' headphones I found them to be *piercing*. I just let them play white noise and random tracks for a while and they got much better.
  8. My 980ti (close enough to equal the 1070 when overclocked) is also still pulling strong. I play at 1440p144hz, so dropping settings is necessary, but for the games I play I'm still plenty happy to have this card given the current market
  9. These publications seem, however, to be focusing on the long term possibilities of the console. They still want to have working PS4s in 20 years. So buying a new one wouldn't be such an easy option. But yeah, a CMOS battery dying and causing problems like these is a bit silly.
  10. Try undervolting. It's not dangerous at all. It's exactly the same process as overclocking but you're just keeping your clocks at stock and dropping your voltage. It takes some fiddling to get it right but it makes a big difference in how much heat your card will be putting out. Did you reapply thermal paste? That might also help, especially if the card is older/ has been through a lot of heat cycles.
  11. AFAIK it's basically impossible to fry a chip when overclocking modern chips. Maybe if you're doing LN overclocking, or you're overclocking with a horrendous motherboard and something sets on fire. In my experience if the chip can't handle it the system crashes and you just back off a bit. The numbers were probably so low that paying someone to look at claims and do general admin, combined with the fact that people buying this were probably doing so with the intention of risky overclocking (see above) and would have a higher chance of claiming anyway. I don't see this as anti-consu
  12. I drive a 2007 Lexus GS300. It's a bit of a pain on petrol but it's a hell of a lot better (and safer!) than the other options I was looking at.
  13. Very well overclocked 980ti is basically equal to a 1070ti stock. The 1070ti also has Freesync support, which makes a big difference. It also uses dramatically less power. I have a 980ti I bought used for a great price. I love it, but I would swap for a 1070ti if I had the chance. Atm with the market it's quite difficult to do though.