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    PhD student
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    PhD Student Nuclear Engineering: Particle Physics at KU Leuven & SCK•CEN · Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems
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    PhD Student Nuclear Engineering: Particle Physics

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  1. Not true, go and check out for example PNY and Dell
  2. Trying to revive old corpses I see... A power surge destroys electrical devices, regardless of whether they are on or off. Having the power cord connected to a surge protector is the only true way to safeguard a computer from an electrical surge... apart from physically unplugging the device of course.
  3. A bit of a strange question: I’m looking for a webcam that will be mounted at the outside of a vacuum chamber beam tube of a proton accelerator (mounted behind a quartz viewport) to monitor what goes on at the inside. There are, however, some issues: - The vacuum chamber is made out of stainless steel; therefore, it is quite dark on the inside. However, the chamber has two viewports: one of which will obviously be occupied by the webcam, the other one is used to shine LED light to the inside of the chamber. Thus, the webcam needs to be quite light sensitive. - The quartz wi
  4. Wonderful! Now that we’ve established this observation, we can try to draw some conclusions. You know… back here in Belgium, we have a Dutch saying. Translated into English, it goes something like this: “Trying to retrieve old cows from a ditch.” Don’t ask me why cows… or how the hell they ended up in a ditch… The saying just popped into my mind when reading your comment. ?
  5. Nvidia will try to sue in 3... 2... 1...
  6. Seems like a lot for a password manager. And I don't know how I feel about my VPN and password managers being together.
  7. The Play Store also now has a ban on repetitive content, which Google describes as "multiple apps with highly similar content and user experience," Did you look at your communication apps offering Google?
  8. Cause I need emojis when I am clearing an ARP cache, pinging Google or releasing a DHCP config... ipconfig /all ? Copy *. ? D:\?