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  1. Spyware spreading to every phone, computer, TV, fridge, car and VR headset is a disease. Stay safe, people.
  2. A wifi booster is basically the same as router/access point. If you can't pick up signal from your existing wifi devices anywhere near where you wan the camera, then you won't be able to pick up signal from the booster either. If you've decided you want to go with wifi, you could consider instead a cheap (~$50) wifi radio with integrated directional antenna that focuses the signal into one direction as opposed to how an access point transmits in all directions with equal power. Ethernet with power-over-ethernet is the standard for connecting IP cameras, but 500 feet is a lot of cable
  3. Do you have a specific camera in mind and how are you going to power it?
  4. These are all pretty unimaginative tbh. One big internet fashion police circle jerk. Linus deserves to get roasted for cranking out countless 'backseat CEO' and 'inane watercooling idea of the week' videos, not this.
  5. Did you not learn to not make sweeping predictions based on a company's cherry-picked benchmarks for makerting slides from the recent Ampere launch, Linus? This is just dumb hype. I hope you're at least getting paid for it. Edit: (notice referral links in the description), Oh I see that you ARE getting paid. Good for you.
  6. So using Windows 10 is like using an Android phone now. You're either running 12 different kinds of spyware, or a cut down out-of-date re-package made by an anonymous hobbyist somewhere. You're postponing a problem, not solving it. Windows and MacOS will only ever get worse.
  7. You're a smart guy, Linus, I'm sure you know that LTT channel could keep growing without your face, just with all the subject selection, scheduling and editing rules of thumb in place. You could retire today and replace yourself with that actor guy you hired initially, no deepfaking required.
  8. Looks like Linus decided to celebrate the new addition to his infrastructure by dipping into company's cocaine stash.
  9. Fake news! There's clearly insulation around the wires and in the switches.
  10. It adds screen glare, thickness, weight, cost and temptation for people to smear dirt on their screens. On top of that, touchscreens are terrible input devices, whose entire existence is can only be excused by a lack of alternatives for phones. A touchpad is a superior input device since you need to move your finger less on the smaller surface than on a larger screen.
  11. Your insistence on touchscreens being a good idea for laptops is making me question everything else you say about tech, Linus.
  12. I clicked the video expecting clickbait. Was pleasantly suprised. It's got a lot of unnecessary banter/reaction bits that make it overly long, but it's also actually about interesting tech, which is nice.
  13. FYI, millimeters are denoted by 2 lowercase 'm's. Two uppercase 'M's would be megamoles or something.